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Thursday, 10 May 2018

Amera Plastic Waterfall

Last week I finished up the Amera plastic waterfall and river sections I had bought (pick yours up here ) during the Easter break.

Ready for priming
All sprayed ready for painting

After a wash in warm soapy water they were ready and primed as you can see above. 

Next up was to do the rocks surrounding the waterfall. This I applied a technique I learned a long time ago from Likes APS ( click  here for video). It's basically doing dark grey and then  dry brushing on progressively light greys and finishing with a touch of white to finish.

Got a basic paint on now

The sites of the river sections had sand glued to it before painting green. Also painted the river but blue. I didn't plan on using a water effect as I'm not so confident at using it.
Once the paint dried the blue  appeared to start to flake and break up.


After seeking advice on Lukes APS terrain group it seemed I would have to scrape off the blue and start again and instead of using kids craft paint I should try acrylic paint. Luckily I had some blue acrylic paint left over from painting my sons room (animals on the wall). Now I'm an impatient painter so I thought instead of scraping off the blue I would try first to paint the acrylic over the flakeing paint. I did peel the worst bits off before hand. 

This seemed to work and the bumps caused by the flakeing added to the water feel. Now I needed to add an effect to the waterfall to give the impression of flowing water.
I checked the Amera plastic website as next to the products they put examples of those same products painted. The waterfall example had white dry brushed it looked like onto the blue to give the impression of flowing water. So I tried to replicate it, I hope you think so to

I think it looks ok

Last of all was to add a gloss to the water to give it a bit of a shine.

I think it looks good. Can't wait to try them on the battle field.

Have a great day folks


  1. You made a great save with these. I did some of the river sections of the winter, but wasn't brave enough to try the waterfall - it looks great!

    1. Thank you. Yeah I was worried about the white bits of the waterfall but I think they came out ok

  2. Great job dude. It all came out very nicely indeed.