Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Bits and bobs

While I've been doing my Regular British bolt action troops I have also been working on a church from Amera plastics (blog incoming when it's finished), bought an MDF house (see blog here  ) and thanks to some ebay sales I also purchased another building as these are great value. This time round I bought a shop

The Windows are little squares cut out but I might cut these away with a craft knife to have a fully open window. I also got a little out building which was a nice bonus. I am just waiting on another eBay payment and I aim to get a bridge and possibly one more building. With that I should have enough buildings for a small village.
For the MDF buildings I really just want simple terrain so gonna look at printing pictures of brick off and sticking them to building just to see what they look like. Also had a reccomendation at some stick on sheets of roof tiles .
To go with the church and houses I have used the terrain tutors video about making stone walls which can be found here . For this I ordered some under floor insulation. It's like polystyrene but strong, less mess when cutting and you can paint on it quite well. Found some on eBay for £3 I didn't check how big it was!

Almost 5ft!!

So now I  am making a load of walls

Cut and then carved using a biro
A selection of different walls I've done

And yes still a load of insulation left ☺. I'll keep  ya posted on how it all goes !

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