Thursday, 19 January 2017

MDF House

I spotted in eBay a few weeks back after a search for laser cut MDF houses I found what appeared to be some quite cheap ones (£7.50 for a semi detached house where as all other houses I could see were around £12 - £15) . I thought I would try one just to see what the quality was like. I also wanted to see if potentially I could keep the house flat packed and control slot it together at game time. The purchase also had free delivery on and the seller also has a Facebook page which is  JBWDFWargames. It looks like a one man operation.
The product arrived really quickly  and securely wrapped.
The MDF was nicely cut I had to pop out some little cubes of wood for the  windows but that was it.
Didn't come with instructions but I had it assembled in 5 or so minutes as it was relatively simple.

Each floor can be separated to allow models on both floors
The assembled semi detached house!

In the pic of the assembled house I have not used anything to stick it together as it slots together nicely so this is great news for my flat pack idea! The side walls were the only real loose bits so I reckon come game time a bit of blue tac will hold it all togther!! (My wife is exceptionally happy about the flat pack idea )
Now just to give it a basic paint and it's ready for the battlefield.


  1. Looks good. You cane get tile packs from warbases. You just cut the strips to size and glue them on. I dare say you could do similar wih some thin card.