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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Amera Plastics Church

A few blog posts ago I mentioned while at a model shop in Wales I had bought a church from the excellent  Amera Plastics . After finishing my airbourne force for bolt action I have started to build the church.

The church was simple to put together requiring a bit of cutting but nothing major and stuck together great with poly cement

The assembled church (the green stuff is down to my poor cutting than the product lol)

Next i wanted a base so I could have a small church yard for models.  In a massive bag of bits I found several grave stones so they will be added for extra effect. I stuck the church down and put a layer of filler down as the ground.

Base now has grave stones sunk into the filler

The whole lot was under coated and the first layers of paint went on to the church. My first attempt was rushed and ended up a disaster!

Yep it looked horrible in real life as well

A re paint was in order!

Much better!

Next up was stone walking arrround the church. Using under floor insulation and a YouTube tutorial ( mentioned in a blog post here  ) I cut and carved out some stone walls to surround the church

Carved with a pen
Now undercoated the walls are stuck to the base

Last up dry brushing the stone walls and adding flock.

The finished article. I have to say I'm quite proud of this ☺


  1. Looks good. What was the issue with the first coat of paint?

  2. Cheers dude. To much paint, it was undercoated black so the plan was to set brush the brick work but I rushed it and not so much dry brush more paint the whole thing so had to had to do another wash and take my time this time round.

  3. What a fabulous result, well recovered.

  4. very well recovered and you should be proud of the finished article Martin

    1. Thabk you. Quite chuffed with it and especially as howbthe paint went first time round