Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Amera Plastics Church

A few blog posts ago I mentioned while at a model shop in Wales I had bought a church from the excellent  Amera Plastics . After finishing my airbourne force for bolt action I have started to build the church.

The church was simple to put together requiring a bit of cutting but nothing major and stuck together great with poly cement

The assembled church (the green stuff is down to my poor cutting than the product lol)

Next i wanted a base so I could have a small church yard for models.  In a massive bag of bits I found several grave stones so they will be added for extra effect. I stuck the church down and put a layer of filler down as the ground.

Base now has grave stones sunk into the filler

The whole lot was under coated and the first layers of paint went on to the church. My first attempt was rushed and ended up a disaster!

Yep it looked horrible in real life as well

A re paint was in order!

Much better!

Next up was stone walking arrround the church. Using under floor insulation and a YouTube tutorial ( mentioned in a blog post here  ) I cut and carved out some stone walls to surround the church

Carved with a pen
Now undercoated the walls are stuck to the base

Last up dry brushing the stone walls and adding flock.

The finished article. I have to say I'm quite proud of this ☺

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Bits and bobs

While I've been doing my Regular British bolt action troops I have also been working on a church from Amera plastics (blog incoming when it's finished), bought an MDF house (see blog here  ) and thanks to some ebay sales I also purchased another building as these are great value. This time round I bought a shop

The Windows are little squares cut out but I might cut these away with a craft knife to have a fully open window. I also got a little out building which was a nice bonus. I am just waiting on another eBay payment and I aim to get a bridge and possibly one more building. With that I should have enough buildings for a small village.
For the MDF buildings I really just want simple terrain so gonna look at printing pictures of brick off and sticking them to building just to see what they look like. Also had a reccomendation at some stick on sheets of roof tiles .
To go with the church and houses I have used the terrain tutors video about making stone walls which can be found here . For this I ordered some under floor insulation. It's like polystyrene but strong, less mess when cutting and you can paint on it quite well. Found some on eBay for £3 I didn't check how big it was!

Almost 5ft!!

So now I  am making a load of walls

Cut and then carved using a biro
A selection of different walls I've done

And yes still a load of insulation left ☺. I'll keep  ya posted on how it all goes !

Thursday, 19 January 2017

MDF House

I spotted in eBay a few weeks back after a search for laser cut MDF houses I found what appeared to be some quite cheap ones (£7.50 for a semi detached house where as all other houses I could see were around £12 - £15) . I thought I would try one just to see what the quality was like. I also wanted to see if potentially I could keep the house flat packed and control slot it together at game time. The purchase also had free delivery on and the seller also has a Facebook page which is  JBWDFWargames. It looks like a one man operation.
The product arrived really quickly  and securely wrapped.
The MDF was nicely cut I had to pop out some little cubes of wood for the  windows but that was it.
Didn't come with instructions but I had it assembled in 5 or so minutes as it was relatively simple.

Each floor can be separated to allow models on both floors
The assembled semi detached house!

In the pic of the assembled house I have not used anything to stick it together as it slots together nicely so this is great news for my flat pack idea! The side walls were the only real loose bits so I reckon come game time a bit of blue tac will hold it all togther!! (My wife is exceptionally happy about the flat pack idea )
Now just to give it a basic paint and it's ready for the battlefield.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Bolt Action

Been making some good progress on my late war British bolt action force. All my airbourne troops have been painted.

First Group of paras
Airbourne MMG team
Another batch done!
Another group! (Airfix tank bought from Aldi in the background)
Airbourne PIAT team

Last few Airbourne plus the 6 pdr Anti Tank gun
All the Airbourne forces done!

That's the Airbourne contigent of my force done. Been so long since I painted an army (mainly played lots of skirmish games) I forgot what an under taking  painting models the same  scheme was.
Next I thought I would reward my self by making up the tanks I had for Christmas before starting the next lot of soldiers.

Sherman resin tank from warlord. Loved these only 3 or 4 pieces to put together!!
Assembled Sherman
Assembled Cromwell. This one was a model kit so a bit more effort required on this one!!

The tanks were ok to put together as I mentioned the Sherman was the easiest but both have the common theme of missing little headlights etc as my fingers are to big to fit them as I and up just gluing them to my finger!!

Completed tanks
Cromwell Tank Commamder

If I'm feeling brave I may add decals later and the tank commander needs a few touch ups. My aim is for the Sherman to be with my regular troops and the Cromwell with my airbourne troops as after a bit of digging I found the Airbourne forces had 6 Cromwells as part of their recce force. For big games I will just have to have both ha ha ha ha

New Rules!

On a sort of Bolt Action related note,  after reading a review in Wargaming Illustrated I decided to buy Konflict 47. This is a wired world war 2 set of rules based around bolt action rules (V1 rules I believe but several people on various Facebook groups seemed to indcate V2 rules can be used with very little trouble). Being based around Bolt Action means all my British troops can be used in this rule set to which is a bonus!
The world in Konflict 47 is set in 1947 and the time line differs in that the US drop an atom bomb on Dresden in Germany as well as testing an atom bomb in the desert in the US. These explosions resulted in a rift opening to another dimension. Strange mesaages come through leading the US and Germany to develop new technologies and soon after their allies also. Konflict 47 allows you to field armoured walker units, power armoured soldiers, genetically engineered soldiers and different types of tanks such as the Tesla tank. Can't wait to add a walker and maybe another couple of units to my overall force.
Habe a great day!