Thursday, 13 July 2017

A painting bonanza!!

Had a lovely break in dawlish now back home and thanks to my shift pattern I've had a good few evenings to assault the painting queue!!
First up was the rest of my Test of Honour warband. A samurai, a musician and spearmen (evil long spears i kept stabbing myself on! !).

Half painted spearmen
Spearmen done!
Musician and Samurai

Next up was some spectre miniatures I won way back during the Across the Dead Earth Tournament. (Blog here ). Love these modern CIA types and I'm sure they will find a home in an Across the Dead Earth gang or as dino hunters.

Painting going well
All done
My favourite miniature of the four

After that I had found some resin ammo crates on eBay that were super cheap and I wanted them for scenery in my bunker complex. They quality around the sides wasn't super great but they were cheap ☺

Not rough and ready but they'll do

Next up was the Across the Dead Earth gang the Sisters of Acquisition. I was a little daunted by these models as they are  a smaller scale (different sculptor I believe). Fantastic miniatures but my broken eyes struggle with them lol

The gang awaiting paint
Completed Sisters of Acquisition
My attempt at making the pistols look like they have red dot sights (hopefully gonna get some gloss to give the red a glint and maybe the sniper scope)

There ya go, that's a massive dent in the paint queue!! Have a great day folks


  1. Very nice mate. You have been working hard this week! Do you use washes much at all. They would be good way of boosting your paint jobs.

    1. I only really have the army paint dark tone. Sounds silly but do different colour washes help?

  2. My word, you've been busy! Cracking progress.

    1. Yep had a nice few evenings where the kids have been co-operative and gone to bed on Time lol