Friday, 22 July 2016

Murder in the Midlands Prizes

Just a quick blog about the miniatures I picked up at the tournament. All prizes were donated by the awesome guys at  LostLand Games .
I picked up for best gang back story a new Across the Dead Earth gang called the Sisters of Acquisition

Apologies for these still being in blister but they require some putting together I haven't had the time yet. 
Next up for best painted gang (I was utterly humbled by this I have to say) I picked more Across the Dead Earth. I got one of the first gangs the State and some CIA dudes  from Spectre miniatures.
Last up was a prototype Drexyl  (one of the state) which I won in a Facebook competition earlier in the year.

The State ruling the F-UK
CIA agents

I love these models they are greatly detailed and can't wait to Get a gang formed.

This is an awesome model and I feel priveliged to have it. Now I have to try not to ruin it with my painting.
Have a great day folks


  1. Awesome your lucky to have that Drexyl its the only Dead Earth mini I don't have!

    Looking forward to seeing what you do with them all. those CIA are cracking you get them anymore either. I have a them as well there really nicely detailed.

  2. ☺yep hopefully gonna form a military ancestors type gang I think our of them. And not ruin them with my painting lol