Friday, 30 June 2017


Now i had made my country lanes i decided i needed some hedge rows to add ro the effect  (one day I'll stop making terrain). I wanted a super simple way to make them and luckily Lukes APS again came to the rescue. Following his video (which you can find here ) I bought some draught excluder, was a little concerned on the size so only bought 1 metres worth and green spray paint then I broke out some lolly pop sticks. The draught excluder is self adhesive which sounds great but caused me some problems.

Green spray paint and draught excluder

To make the hedges you simple cut a length of draught excluder to match the lollipop stick and using the self adhesive stick them together. I then spray painted them green. Then I had a slight issue

This happened every time!!!

As the draught excluder came rolled up it kept lifting at the edges ahhhh!!! So I had to glue the ends down and use the clamps from the pound land epoxy. That seemed to solve the problem.

The hedges were as I suspected a bit small, hence why I only bought a metres worth. Luke does another video on making hedges out of wire wool brillo type pads so I'll try those next.


  1. They seem decent and these probably suit 20mm scale better. I had some decent results with brillo pads. I just didn't finish them properly.

  2. True to be fair on the video tutorial I thibk he says they work better in 20mn but worthy of an experiment!