Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Country roads!

Another blog post following the I'm fine making but terrain but here's something else. I have roads and a river so decided i needed some country lanes / tracks were in order. I had seen a few videos in YouTube so had a few ideas but as I wanted quick and easy I distilled the ideas down to a basic idea.
First up cut out the shapes you want. I went for seven (that was what I could make from the nappy box I had pilfered) straights around 20cm long and 4 corner pieces. Nothing elaborate but enough to add to a game board. Then I glued lollipop sticks to the outer edges and middle. This is an easy way of creating the ruts caused by vehicles.

Next up was every terrain makers friend filler!! I applied a layer of filler over the top, the lollipop sticks creating the rut effect I was after.

2 different colours as I ran out of filler and had to buy more.  Once they were dry I started painting. Just Just basic brown and then dry brushing a couple of lighter browns on top.

As I mentioned quick and easy was what I'm aiming for.  I added flick and that's your lot all finished!

Above there are pics of the finished article.  Not bad as basic a country track / road  I don't think!!

Also my great friends went to the games expo in Birmingham last weekend and picks me up the new bolt action british snipers all in ghillie suits so can't wait to get them painted up!

Have a good one folks!!