Thursday, 15 December 2016

The week that was!

Over the last week or so I've started painting my Bolt Action British Airbourne soldiers. I found another blog with a painting guide in so I used for tips you can find that here.  I didn't follow it completely as I'm not that good at painting but the guide for camo and the rough colours helped so my airbourne are a tiny bit accurate. I tried to start with painting all 30 odd models doing trousers then jackets I got so bored I realised I needed to break it down into groups of around 5 otherwise I'd go insane ☺.

First group completed
The second broil

The second group includes all the weapons team I have for airbourne. So there is a PIAT,  light mortar and medium Machine gun. The MMG I added what hopefully look like logs just to add a little something to the base.

Close up of MMG team

Hopefully they look like wood!
Also I found in Aldi an airfix model Cromwell tank starter set in the middle asle. The scale is to small really for bolt action but it will make a nice proxy until I get actual tanks as my regular opponent is stocking up on armour! !

Assembled tank

The model was really easy to put together the problem I had was some of the tiny details like head lamps were so small my giant fingers could not get them into place!! The turret had stoppers on so the turret pointed in one direction. Well I couldn't have this so I chopped the stoppers of so the turret can traverse and come off easily in case it's destroyed. (Hopefully not needed!!!)

Painted tank
Tank with my earlier made destroyed vehicle markers

As you can see from pics above the effect of destroyed vehicle marker looks brilliant. My blog about the vehicle markers is here .
I've started painting the tank with paints provided but they are really thin (bonus I got a nice new brush though!) So after a few coats still not fully covered. I probably should of undercoated it first but I just wanted it built d'oh!! Couple more coats needed then I might add a few dry brushes or highlights while I'm painting something else.
Have a great day!


  1. Excellent stuff, love the destroyed tank markers!!

  2. Cheers dude! Can't wait to use them in a battle