Sunday, 27 November 2016

Few odds and Ends

A quiet week or so. Been the wife's birthday had a poorly 1 year old and was ill myself so not to much time free. After making up all the late war British infantry (mentioned in last blog) I set about painting my airbourne troops. I've played skirmish games for so long I forgot what it was like to paint an army! Slow start as I want to take my time and do my best with these.  So only started on the base colours at moment.

Next up once work shifts are done will be the green on the jackets.
I've also under coated all the regular British infantry so they will be next up.
On the horizon (christmas) I will have a tank to make up and my friend who is my main adversary in war games has a few tanks he is making up so I thought I would try my hand at making a destroyed vehicle marker. I have seen these used in various battle reports and they add to the battle field I believe. I scavenged some flickering battery powered tea lights and raided the baby supplies for cotton wool. I found a few different videos with techniques on so used those.
I stuck a lollipop stick to one side of the tea light and then stuck cotton wool around tea light and up the stick to hopefully maaaje what appears to be a smoke plume.

I think the lighting effect looks great but white smoke won't do for burning vehicles!  So I blasted it with black spray paint!

I think these will look great and took very little effort to make. Hopefully I will be placing them on my opponets tanks and not mine!
Lastly I reciveved my war bear and rider from the Dead Earth games Shattered Crown Kick starter. Lovely looking model. I've had to order a new base as I wanna try something a bit different with this one. It did come with a base but that was more a cavalry rectangular base so the bear can be used is a unit.  It will be a while till I get a unit of bear riders.

Have a good week folks!


  1. Off to a good start with infantry. The flickering fires look excellent as well mate.

    1. Thank you. Did the videos play they won't on my phone lol