Saturday, 17 September 2016

Uurrrrgh Night shifts

Sorry for the quiet time been working nights so not a lot of gaming has been done. On the plus side holiday soon so fingers crossed  some of the new board games will be played. Also been making some templates for potential new scenery projects. I'm hoping to make some scenery for dystopian legions and the possible pirate game from dead earth games. So sort of 19th century type stuff cottages.
I've made up some templates which will hopefully lead to some nice buildings.

This one will hopefully look like a cottage!

This one will hopefully resemble a 2 storey inn.
The first cottage template I can use to make a ruined cottage as well. Then I'll aim for a bit more foliage like hedges  and work out how to do fields to break up the terrain. Give it a farm/country type feel
Sorry it's been slow but you know how real life gets in the way of good modelling time!
Oh also I've backed this kickstarter  as I love the gun slinger model

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