Sunday, 25 September 2016

Flik em Up!

Got to play Flik Em Up on holiday with the family (the 3yr old struggled a bit but it's aimed at 8+ so he was fine with moms help). We just played the first scenario a basic shoot out between the lawmen and outlaws. You flick a counter across the board to move your character and then flick your bullet at an opponent and try and knock their model over. If you knock them over they are dead!
The turn involes one person taking a turn moving one character then then the next player etc. This is shown by each character having a hat either and once they have activated you flip the hat over. All the pieces  are great quality the cowboys, law men and cactus are plastic (there is a wooden version of the game) the buildings are hard good quality card board and the artwork is lovely.

The game board is set up

The game plays smooth and easy.  The  other scenarios introduce more elements such as dynamite amd different goal tokens. 

So all in all a great game!

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