Monday, 12 September 2016

Boss Monster

Another board game has arrived. This one is called Boss Monster. You are an evil boss of a dungeon and the aim is to kill as many hero's as you can with your dungeon.  The person with the most hero kills wins. The game is card based. The quality of the cards is great and the artwork is beautiful. It is some in an old 8 bit style.

This is one of the bosses you can be.

This is one of the brave hero's you are trying to kill in your dungeon.  There are a few differemt types. If you know RPGs you'll be able to guess the standard types.

Your dungeon is made up of room cards such as this one. Each causing different damage to the hero entering in search of treasure.
Can't wait to play this game!

On  an unrelated matter I've just undercoated a pile of minis so can get some painting done !!!
Have a great day folks


  1. Game looks fun as do all those minis awaiting paint!

  2. Yep! Need a colour scheme for my pirates and gangs now