Friday, 30 September 2016

Birthday Treats!

Last Tuesday it was my birthday or as I'm getting on a bit I prefer level up (can't take the gamer out of me). My beautiful wife had bought me the star wars rebellion board game. Where you play the struggle for the galaxy one team rebels other the empire.  You build fleets and even death stars! to take over the galaxy. Once the post man brings it I'll post some pics. I also reciced the bolt action rule book so a while new game to learn! With some birthday money I've ordered a British para section and para command squad to start me off. Also with some money I bought a 14pdr field gun for my Dystopian legions forces. Though worryingly stock levels seem to be really low and prices are rising. Amazon starter sets that were £30 are going for £80 - £90 + now so is this a sign of legions being discontinued?? To bolster our forces my friend and I have agreed when playing each other to use some ranges from Warlords black powder range.  The British soldiers from the Anglo Zulu was range for ok  (the size will be a little off) my friend is trying to track down some Prussian soldiers.
Last but certainly not least my awesome friends who run a Kawaii  blog bought me an E wing for my rebel x wing fleet!!!

Can't wait to in pack this and add it to the fleet!
So now I'm eagerly awaiting the postman bringing me loads of parcels  😃


  1. Awesome birthday loot :) I am sure someone mentioned an announcment for Dystopian Legions it didn't sound negative but I forgot what it said now