Friday, 30 September 2016

Birthday Treats!

Last Tuesday it was my birthday or as I'm getting on a bit I prefer level up (can't take the gamer out of me). My beautiful wife had bought me the star wars rebellion board game. Where you play the struggle for the galaxy one team rebels other the empire.  You build fleets and even death stars! to take over the galaxy. Once the post man brings it I'll post some pics. I also reciced the bolt action rule book so a while new game to learn! With some birthday money I've ordered a British para section and para command squad to start me off. Also with some money I bought a 14pdr field gun for my Dystopian legions forces. Though worryingly stock levels seem to be really low and prices are rising. Amazon starter sets that were £30 are going for £80 - £90 + now so is this a sign of legions being discontinued?? To bolster our forces my friend and I have agreed when playing each other to use some ranges from Warlords black powder range.  The British soldiers from the Anglo Zulu was range for ok  (the size will be a little off) my friend is trying to track down some Prussian soldiers.
Last but certainly not least my awesome friends who run a Kawaii  blog bought me an E wing for my rebel x wing fleet!!!

Can't wait to in pack this and add it to the fleet!
So now I'm eagerly awaiting the postman bringing me loads of parcels  😃

Monday, 26 September 2016


No modelling done last week as I've been away in sunny Weymouth with the family enjoying a nice break. I did take some models to paint but didn't get round to it. I got a game of flik em up in which was great fun.
While down there I dragged the family  (to be fair my sons loved it) down to the tank musuem in Bovington. Been waiting to go here for ages, admission was reasonable  (under 5s were free so didn't have to pay for the kids yay !) and the place is massive!. One hall is about the story of the tank so examples of the 1st tank up to more modern tanks.  Here we started then had a picnic in the eating area above it which also looks out onto the arena where they have tank displays (sadly not the day we were there). Next up was a ww1 trench and tank exhibition after that a warehouse full of tanks ! We had a good walk round and I saw my favourite tank the Challenger ☺. There was plenty to do for the kids and my 3 yr old son loved playing with the toy soldiers that were out at various points in the building.  It was great being able to climb through a ww1 tank and see how cramped they were. 

Good old Sherman

Cromwell tank

T-34 I believe

Mighty Chieftain

Cracking trench display

Can't remember the name for this but saw it in a Facebook group. It has loads of turrets!

Monster tank destroyer the Tortoise

Budding little war gamer

Flail tank!

Nice diorama on display

Sherman from the film Fury

My favourite the Challenger!

Had a great day but has give me a taste for Bolt Action more now here lol

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Sunday, 25 September 2016

Flik em Up!

Got to play Flik Em Up on holiday with the family (the 3yr old struggled a bit but it's aimed at 8+ so he was fine with moms help). We just played the first scenario a basic shoot out between the lawmen and outlaws. You flick a counter across the board to move your character and then flick your bullet at an opponent and try and knock their model over. If you knock them over they are dead!
The turn involes one person taking a turn moving one character then then the next player etc. This is shown by each character having a hat either and once they have activated you flip the hat over. All the pieces  are great quality the cowboys, law men and cactus are plastic (there is a wooden version of the game) the buildings are hard good quality card board and the artwork is lovely.

The game board is set up

The game plays smooth and easy.  The  other scenarios introduce more elements such as dynamite amd different goal tokens. 

So all in all a great game!

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Saturday, 17 September 2016

Uurrrrgh Night shifts

Sorry for the quiet time been working nights so not a lot of gaming has been done. On the plus side holiday soon so fingers crossed  some of the new board games will be played. Also been making some templates for potential new scenery projects. I'm hoping to make some scenery for dystopian legions and the possible pirate game from dead earth games. So sort of 19th century type stuff cottages.
I've made up some templates which will hopefully lead to some nice buildings.

This one will hopefully look like a cottage!

This one will hopefully resemble a 2 storey inn.
The first cottage template I can use to make a ruined cottage as well. Then I'll aim for a bit more foliage like hedges  and work out how to do fields to break up the terrain. Give it a farm/country type feel
Sorry it's been slow but you know how real life gets in the way of good modelling time!
Oh also I've backed this kickstarter  as I love the gun slinger model

Monday, 12 September 2016

Boss Monster

Another board game has arrived. This one is called Boss Monster. You are an evil boss of a dungeon and the aim is to kill as many hero's as you can with your dungeon.  The person with the most hero kills wins. The game is card based. The quality of the cards is great and the artwork is beautiful. It is some in an old 8 bit style.

This is one of the bosses you can be.

This is one of the brave hero's you are trying to kill in your dungeon.  There are a few differemt types. If you know RPGs you'll be able to guess the standard types.

Your dungeon is made up of room cards such as this one. Each causing different damage to the hero entering in search of treasure.
Can't wait to play this game!

On  an unrelated matter I've just undercoated a pile of minis so can get some painting done !!!
Have a great day folks

Friday, 9 September 2016

New Boardgame!

Delivered today came our new board game. Flick em up! A cowboy game where you have to flick counters  (bullets) between lawmen and outlaws. There are several scenarios and it's for 2 - 8 players on 2 teams.

All the components are great quality and I can't wait to play it!

Friday, 2 September 2016


Finally finished making my pirates up for a new pirate game Pirates of the Elven seas from the maker's of across the dead earth. The game is in the early stages of development so lots of rule testing. Who does not like pirates though lol so I thought I'd whip some up. My friend gave me a bag of old empire and mordhiem bits to make the pirates out of. I did buy one pirate model as my captain.

My pirate captain
My first batch of pirates

It's the bits bag there appeared to be some cannons as well. Some bits were missing so I had to bodge them a bit but I think they will be ok

Now every thing has been added to my painting line so I best get painting soon! !

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Lukes APS

Found this guy on YouTube a while back and he is slowly growing in popularity. He makes terrain and gives you lots of how tos and also finds cheap alternatives to lots of model shop products (water effect from Poundland! ! Can't argue with that ). Here is a vid to celebrate 2000 subscriber's. Have a browse through all his vids there is bound to be something to help you guys check out the video here 
Have a great day folks