Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Quick update

Sorry it's been quiet guys been working a ton of shifts for work recently. I have started a writing a bit more for my zombie rules (here)   I'm trying to convert them so I can play narrative games with a group of survivors trying to get survive in the apocalypse. Also there has been rumblings of pirate rules from the mind that bought you Across the Dead Earth. So I've bought me a pirate captain! !

I bought this model from black scorpian miniatures. The rest of the crew will be made up of models my great friend is giving me. I'll keep you guys updated!


  1. Black scorpion make nice figures and this is painted very well.

  2. Sadly this is the picture off the website. I've only just ordered it. Hopefully I will be able to paint it reasonably well!

  3. Cracking mini mate. Looking forward to seeing what you do with yours when they arrive.