Thursday, 28 July 2016

Game Board Phase 5 The Saga Continues!

Next up for the game board is the river tiles. The most complicated section ☺. I built up the river using filler making raised banks (to hold water effect) and a flat middle. I added a couple of pebbles to the straight section to simulate a rapids type section of river.

Next up was the rest of the tile. A mixture of brown paint, PVA and sand was slapped on to create a textured surface. The banks of the river section were painted grey and made to look like rocks. Not my best effort but I think this was how I built them up using the filler. They were not true rock shapes I guess. My aim was to flock most of these anyway so hopefully it won't stand out to much. 

After this it was time to do the river bed. Now I had a choices do I go clear water so line the river bed with sand and rubble then add water effect or do I try and show depth. I went with depth so that required painting a mix of colours. I once again referred to Luke's Affordable Paint service . He now has a group which is full of people with great advice and Luke himself is always very responsive on it. The group can be found here. The general advice was lots of blues, greens and browns blended together in the terrain piece. My first attempts looked like this

Unfortunately it was pointed out that though the colours were spot on the blue should represent deeper water that the greens and browns. So with a bit more blending I swapped them round so they looked like this

After the river bed was painted it was time to flock the board so it's matched the other boards.

Next up is the water effect. As recommended by Luke's Affordable Paint service I'm using Poundland epoxy.
I needed a few packets of this (6 to be precise), you have to make sure you mix the 2 parts together other wise it gets very tacky. The corner section was a simple matter of layering the epoxy into the area I wanted. Masking tape stops the epoxy going off the edge of the board. 3 packets went on this section. The next tile had rocks in as I wanted something to break up the river and maybe a little rapids type section. Another 3 packets went on this and using the little plastic scrapper that you get I pulled the tacky epoxy around the rocks to hopefully look a bit more like water flow.

River corner tile
Close in on water effect
Straight section of river
Close in around the rocks hopefully it looks a bit like water flowing around rocks

Next post will have the board all together have a great day!


  1. Progressing nicely. The Water effects have turned out good. My only suggestion would be to create a bit of 'foam' around the rocks in the water

  2. I was hoping the epoxy would do that. Hmmm I'll have to have a look at how I could do that

    1. Perhaps just drybrushing a little grey and then white on the edges near the rocks sort of like (O) with the O being the rock

  3. Agree with Simon, these are great just "foam" up the rapids with a greyish white drybrush and it will lift them even more ;-)

    1. Cheers I'll be giving it a crack next chance I get