Sunday, 3 July 2016

Game Board Phase 4!!

The road sections have been under coated! Next up is painting and texturing. 

This is one of the cracks in the road painted

Here are two pieces painted

I painted the road sections with a mixturen of sand and paint to give the road a road surface. Now I'm torn between mixing in sand with paint (I forgot the PVA which probably didn't help) and laying a layer of sand down first then painting it after it has dried.
Next came the road markings. I wanted a slightly faded look as I mostly play post apocalypse gaming. The only way I could think of was using a sponge to dab the paint on. I made up a stencil and dabbed away.

I dabbed out the road marking and it looks pretty good. The corner marking was a little tricky though.
Next I wanted a manhole cover,  I'd looked around at a few options. I went along the lone of using green stuff flat in a circle and pressing a grid down on it. I was only really happy with one that came out so added that one.

3 attempts but only happy with the top one.

The manhole cover was painted in gun metal and a coat of ink. I then stuck it to one of the road sections. With all that done time to stick road pieces to the urban game board tiles.

After a night of glue drying (weighted down with items from the kitchen much to my wife's dismay he he he) they were all sorted.

The 3 boards together

I think they look ok ☺
Have a great day folks!

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