Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Been Quiet

Been quiet this month. Been away to windy Wales camping. Naturally I visited porthmadog and went to Porthmadog models. (A great small business!!! Go visit!!) I picked up an Amera Plastic trench section.

Churchill model

On the model front I think I've only got one left (will have to have a root around just in case), my Churchill model. So I shall have to base, prime him and get painting.
Also I have been staring at my x wing game miniatures and having a crisis of faith whether to carry on playing or not. A lot of this has to do with me reading Facebook group posts for x wing which 98% seem to be focused on the best set up for tournaments and what cards work well etc. This side of the game is not for me, I'll pick an x wing because it's my favourite sci fi space ship and not because you add so and so to combine with blah blah) My best friend has star wars armada and I love the epicness of controlling massive ships and squadrons of x wings. After having a natter with said best mate I've decided to keep x wing. We both like playing both games and our system of having the one game each world quite well plus I'm sure my son and nephew in a year or two will also like playing x wing (A simple version without pilot cards). Plus I do like space ships on my geek shelves.
Not sure what is next on the model front, my bolt action brit army is done with the exception of one squad I want to add (probably ......). So the next plan is to add British Konflict 47 elements like a walker so I can cross games.  There is a new Konflict 47 book on horizon which should contain more British units so waiting for that.
Also if you've seen my Facebook page for this blog (like it here go on. You won't be bombarded with stuff as I'm a lazy git) you will notice I got a little bit excited about a fallout board game being released which looks awesome. Also star wars legion by fantasy flights, a star wars miniatures game! I loved the ww2 action movie feeling Star Wars Rogue One and love the idea of making a rebel unit. So we will have to see what happens.
Also been reading a few Simon Scarrow books centering around 2 Roman soldiers (Cato and Macro Eagles of the Empire series) so fancied a bit of ancient gaming. Not feeling 28mm as I want massive looking armies so been looking into 6mm. Just trying to find some rules.  Probably I also should get cracking on painting my bunker set up  (completely forgot about that when I started writing this post!)
That's where I am at the moment so hopefully I'll get some hobbying done soon.  Have a great day

Monday, 7 August 2017

More painting!

Been working my way through the painting queue and it's down to only a few models now! (Guess I'll have to get some more)
First up is another Across the Dead Gang, The State. This gang is part of an organisation that believe they rule the country now from the ruins of London.

Also got my SAS jeep 99% done just needs a bit of finishing here and there (well probably a lot more than that but that be beyond my abilities)

Painting is on hold as I have appeared to have killed my painting light 😢 only dropped it about 2 foot but it looks like it's given up.
I might have a crack at painting my bunker complex as shouldn't need the light for that! !