Thursday, 13 July 2017

Rule of Cool

Thought I would have a ramble so I actually do more blog posts as any new models are dependent on finances so not guaranteed.
One thing I've noticed since starting bolt action is a divide between players.  Some want utter historical accuracy down to the right shade of green on a uniform and correct headlight etc etc. Now absolutely nothing wrong with that at all. I even admire the dedication!. Lots of people seem to want to make the unit or outfit there grand parents were in, an idea that I love  idea. Both my grandads served one spent most of the war as a far east  POW and had a rough time so that puts me off quite a lot. My other grandad served at Dunkirk then Africa and Italy but he never spoke much so the family are still in the process of finding what he got upto.
After the historical accurate guys there are the  people that don't really have a unit in mind and just make a list up of things they like (I'm in this camp) and fit them in a platoon (though with bolt action you still have to choose early mid or late war). This is equally as good an idea and allows a bit more freedom in what units to have. The new Konflict 47 I guess will allow more variety for bolt action and hopefully I will get a few walkers and heavy infantry which along with my normal bolt action will make a handy K47 army as my friend and regular opponent wants lots of Nazi zombies to control!
The other game systems I play (Dystopian Legions, Across the Dead Earth, X-Wing and Star Wars Armada) are all fiction based so gives a lot more freedom. Which brings me to the Rule of cool.  I live by this rule in 98% of situations (as I really really want Gurkhas for my Bolt Action Brits but I have a late war European army and that I feel would be pushing it lol😢 but in Konflict 47 I reckon I can get away with it 😃) Across the Dead Earth is a game made for rule of cool. The options are wide and unless you are using the pre done rule book gangs (even then after a few games that will twist and mould to your style) you can make what ever type of gang you want.  I have a dude who is armed with a bow and sword in the middle of one of my gangs as I thought the model was cool and wanted him in. The same with my gunslinger model I got in a kick starter. Thought the model was ace so got it and now he's a gang member! X-Wing and Star Wars Armada are a bit more resrictive due to game style but that's when tou use the Rule of cool as a guide for your tactics.

Dystopian Legions is a bit more defined as you have an army list but as long as you have an officer and infantry after that you can have what you want (a bit like 40k from what I remember).
My main regular opponent has the same view that I carry what ever happens the Rule of cool mostly prevails. We treat our games like little movies so any chance of a cinematic moment we will take regardless of more sensible options. This often leads a to disaster (PIAT team missing a point blank shot and paying the price. Corvette in Star Wars Armada charging a Star Destroyer with the inevitable happening) but hey we had a laugh doing it so to me that's what the game is all about.
So my Bolt Action British may be a mix of airborne (A Bridge to Far and my visit to Pegasus Bridge inspired) and regular Tommies. Plus a Sherman, Cromwell ( Tanks I love em), Universal Carrier, mystery vehicle soon to be added ☺ and half track  may all be a random mix with only a faint nod to history (A British Airbourne  recce unit used Cromwells...I found out after I had bought tank) but they are are what I think  cool and in my wargaming world rule of cool prevails! (Just wait till I get my Winston Churchill model painted as he had rules in Operation Sea Lion so he'll be put in a scenario soon! !)
Does not matter how you game though as long as you're having fun who the hell cares! !
Sorry If it was a bit of a ramble just trying something new.

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