Monday, 29 May 2017

The Blue Foam has Ran out!!

In my last blog I mentioned I had discovered more blue foam. So i made up another 2 bunkers of the same type and a bigger bunker for a small artillery piece. I used a bunker in a set from warlord as inspiration 

The roof also had raised walls so soldiers can go up there.

The roof comes off and inside my 6 pdr should fit nicely.
With more foam left I liked the idea of a bunker complex which i imagine would be quite a brutal close up fight. First up was the entrance to the bunker

The entrance has a hole in the concrete entrance for a LMG ambush!

The entrance has lotabof sharp corners and a hole in the concrete for a machine gun surprise.
Now I started work on a design. So I had an idea of what bits I needed.

I used cardboard as a base and used magnetic tape to attach the foam to the cardboard as this
enables me to take the whole thing down and put it away.  Also hoping I can adjust the design every now and then.
I made up some straight corridor sections, one straight corridor with an opening to create a T junction, corner sections and 2 rooms.

The corridors are nice and cramped to make taking the bunker a challenge. After a lot of cutting and sticking the end result does not look to bad I don't think.

Next up slightly watered down filler to create that concrete look then painting.