Saturday, 6 May 2017

Terrain is the word this time around (and a sneaky game of bolt action)

My focus has shifted a bit this week  from painting my test of honour stuff to terrain. Now I have lots of terrain but I felt I needed some cheap and easy road sections so I can use my MDF buildings more effectively. I decided this while pulling an old shed down and decided that the roof felt would potentially do the job.
I cut several road shapes out of card board and cut the roof felt to match

Sat out in the garden cutting the strips
A straight section
One type of corner section

Once the felt had been cut to match I glued it to the card board templates.

Emptied kitchen cupboards to weigh everything down

After an night being weighed down they are done. They look quite rough and ready but I'm hoping they do the job, I'll be able to tell more when they go together with my MDF buildings.

My Cromwell on one of the straight road sections

Next up I needed something for my MDF bridge to cross. I have a river on my game board but that board is only 3x3 which is a bit small for large bolt action games. (And untill I get a bigger house the board is not getting bigger). For the same of space I went down the ultra simple approach (I had seen this on the table top battle YouTube channel) I just cut some sections and painted them blue. I'll give them a few games and see how I feel about them

Ultra simple river sections

Last Sunday I also managed to go to the Infamous Wargamong club in West Bromwich and get a game of Bolt Action in. I met my opponent Steve (a great and super knowledgeable guy) and we battled Russians vs my Brits.

My 500pt force plus a tank for the day.

We decided to do a simple kill every thing battle. We set up (there were a lot of Russians!!) and started.

The battle field.

A horde of Russians attacked my right flank and a tank went for my left flank.

The Russians swarm over the hill towards my lines
One squad of infantry and a PIAT team hold the flank against the tank (not very well)

My PIAT team spent a lot of time hiding in a wood as the tank understandably wanted them out of the way but the plucky Brits survived (one think I learnt was I need more anti tank weapons / tactics).  A sniper was pickongm off my machine gun  team and having no mortar I dispatched the squad on my left to flush the sniper out. Mean while on the right the Russians charged my trenches but luckily (for me not Steve) their charge fell short by one inch so my infantry brought them down.

The Russian charges fall short

There was another squad following the Russians that charged but they stayed more cautious and wiped out my paratroop section.
Back on the left the Russian tank has manouvered behind my lines which is never good. I moved my tank along the line to help counter the threat. 

There be a tank in my rear!!

While all this was happening on the  flanks the centre was mostly just long range shooting. My mmg and a regular squad (that had forced the sniper to retreat) had a mini battle with another Russian squad where they gained the upper hand.
We were nearing the end of the game and I thought my PIAT team can't hide much longer! They stepped out into the open and tried a long shot at the tank. They struck a glancing hit which caused no damage but stunned the crew and caused them to go down taking them out of that turn. Then very luckily my dice was pulled out of the bag so my tank tried a shot at the opposing tank.  With some great rolls the shot struck penetrated and detroyed the tank!

The Cromwell scores a kill

After that the battle was over with my Brits winning.  (If I missed details apologies I'm trying to remember how the battle went).
This week (and a for a few more!) I've been trying to crack on with magnetising my MDF buildings (so I can keep them flat packed for easy storage). This is a relatively simple job but so fiddly!!! (Mainly became I'm ham fisted and keep putting the magnets the wrong way round so they repel!! ) almost finished the one house only several more to go 😢

Magnets doing a good job!

Hopefully the more I do the easy it will get. Have a great day folks!

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