Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Quick MDF Update

As I've mentioned in previous blogs, I have been aiming too magnetise my collection of MDF buildings so I can keep them flat packed until required. Well after drilling I dread to think how many little holes I've finished! !!

Sorry about bad picture but the magnets are only 3mm across!!

The lines you can see at to help me know what piece matches with another so putting together is quicker. As you can see the magnets are tiny (3mm x 3mm I think) but not are they strong. The buildings hold together nicely, I mean they won't hold up against heavy handedness but you can now take roofs off and different floors off the buildings without the sides falling off!

Some MDF factory and outbuildings all held together with magnets

I have a great (hopefully) idea for a bolt action scenario using all my MDF terrain to create a small town. This should result in some heavy urban fighting ☺.
Other things on the horizon are back to painting my Test of Honour force and brain storming ideas for a 3d dungeon as I was asked by a friend who plays Dungeons and Dragons. (Knew I'd find a use for the rest of that blue foam!!)