Monday, 24 April 2017

Been Ages sorry! !!

Sorry I've not posted on ages but been in the real world on holiday with the family. Great relaxing time and even stopped by a shop I discovered called  Wargames in Southport. Great shop and had a mooch round and bought a board game called Hey That's My Fish!
I've seen this game around and wanted it as I thought it would be great to play with the kids (3 and 1 not the targeted age group but I thought they could give it a go).
The game is nice quality  and the penguin counters are awesome.

My favourite penguin ☺

You get four penguins in four colours to make your team up.  The board takes a few minutes to set up

The board is made up of small hexagon tiles

The aim of the game is to collect fish by moving in a straight direction as long as there is nothing blocking you. You take the tile your penguin was just on and put it in your fish store. This obvously leaves holes in the ice flow (the board) which stop movement. Once all your penguins can't move you take all your penguins off the board with the tiles they were on. The winner is who ever has the most fish.

The game in action
As you can see the board gets quite tight

The game was enjoyable and our kids managed to play and enjoy it with a little help. My only real critism is The board is quite fiddly when youbhave to remove a tile. You and up moving the whole board. I'm going to attempt to stick some magnetic tape to each time and play on a metal surface see if that works.
Me and the wife also played Boss Monster  (kids would not get this game). This is a great little card game where you play the evil boss who controls a dungeon with various traps and monsters. The aim is to kill as many heroes as you can. Once you get the rules this game is a brilliant time killer. Plays through in about 15 mins. The cards are brilliant as it's all done in an 8 bit video game style

A pesky hero trying to take the treasure
One of the traps you can use to kill a hero

On returning from holidays and battling the inevitable washing I aimed to put together the Test of Honour sprues my friend had been so awesome to give me. The model were quite fiddly to put together  (a lot of this is my fat uncoordinated fingers)

Spear men. I love the 3 man base
Another lot of Spear men
My standard bearer I love his pose like he's rushing forward unfortunately this out the model off balance and he kept falling over
Soloution to the falling over problem
Some archers!

To go with my three samurai mentioned in a previous blog I now have 9 commoner spear men and 3 archers. I had some more bodies spare on the sprues so I made uo a Sgt, an archery Sgt and a musician.

Sgt and archery Sgt

With all this done it was into basing next. My good friend had some basing material he had made up  (using pet store items I believe ) left over so passed me a tub of it. Most greatly received! !!! Thank you Alex! .
This stuff looks awesome on the bases.

Basing away!
All based
Had to base the 3 man base so they all match

Last thing I've done this week is undercoat then.

That's all for now have a great one!!!


  1. Nice Progress with those fiddly WGF sprues and your Penguin game sounds ace I will have to look for that one!

    1. Cheers dude. The sprues man.....i want them to be clearer what arm is best for what weapon pose lol
      Yeah the penguin game was good fun ☺