Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Plodding on

Been working nights and been busy so not much hobby stuff happening. Been selling various old warhammer novels on the old ebay ( anyone in the UK want some Tau fire warriors lol) and raised enough cash to buy my bolt action British force an M5 half track.  It wasn't the easiest to put together (made to order so just came in a box with no instructions) but using pictures off the internet I cracked it (though it might be missing an axle sssssh) I even made my first attempt at magnestising the side machine guns so if I need to save points I can take them off.

With machine guns
Without guns

The magnets are quite rough but it's my first go and hopefully I'll hide a lot with paint 😉
Next up it was time I braved the bear rider from the Shattered Crown Kick starter. It was quite intimidating as its a big piece of metal but oh so beautiful! I wanted to make a more impressive base to try my hand at making it unique. I've never pinned a model before so didn't want to try this time in case I did some thing horrible to the model.  I wanted the bear to be on by a rocky outcrop so using my faithful friend filler I've built up what i hope will look like a rocky outcrop and attached the bear. I then under coated it and realised I'd forgot the bear rider!! D'oh! ! I'll paint and add him later. 

The bear and base

I'll keep you updated on its progress. 
Last of all our front room is being decorated so the gaming shelves are in need of a sort out. Muchb of May terrain making stuff has been took off the shelves and away in a box.  Since a display cabinet had no where to fit in the room I aim to use my shelves in a more display way. So just models less clutter and maybe some LED lights ☺

Have a good week!


  1. Busy but good progress. Nice jobs with the magnets not something I've experimented with yet.

  2. Me neither till now. I have some mdf scenery I wanna keep flat packed so thought magnets would help so practicing before the big job lol