Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Avast me Hearties!!!

Way back in September i did a blog post for some pirates I had assembled. Well finally I have painted them! !!! (My bolt action habit kicked in around the same time). As a reminder they are for a game called Pirates of the Elven Seas. The  game is in an idea of dead earth games (people that brought you Across the Dead Earth) it's on the back burner at moment  but who does not like Pirates?? (Maybe merchants. ..) plus the band will make a handy Mordhiem band if I get into it.  Click here for the Pirates of the Elven Seas facebook group.
First up is the captain

Captain Barnabus Brand

And here he is with his motley crew of misfits from the pirate ship the Red Dragon

There ya go another band finished! Onto the next one ☺