Sunday, 25 December 2016


Been a lack of blogs as work and getting ready for Christmas has took over everything ☺ now all done kids asleep feet up now. Hope you all had a great Christmas.
Amongst the gifts I got more bolt action stuff (confusing family members with random links to models I want)

Bolt action gifts

So I got a Cromwell tank and a Sherman tank along with a 6 pounder anti tank gun.  Should give me a bit of punch to take on my regular opponents tanks. Also thrown in there are some order dice in Airbourne colours ☺
Next up is

Some scenery from  Amera Plastics . There is a sandbag position and various hills and a ruined building. Once all painted up should add some nice depth to put battle fields.
Have a great me year folks!


  1. Merry Christmas dude. Nice loot haul. I really must get my arse I gear and do something with German Paras

    1. Merry Christmas dude! Gonna get these all built up and carry on painting lol for 5 paras left to paint them my regular troops then the tanks ☺