Monday, 14 November 2016

Busy weekend

After finishing a large run of shifts Saturday was games night. First off we tried a tiny game of bolt action just to give the rules a try. My friend had a German  lieutenant and a 10 man squad I had a British Para lieutenant and 2 5 man squads. We really liked the bolt action rules and they flow really well. Great fun can't wait to finish up our armies and have a full on battle.

Next up was a large game of x wing!

2 large squadrons were assembled. The empire had slave 1 and 4 tie aces the rebels had the millenium falcon, an E wing , b wing and an a wing.

The board was pretty crowded with ships. We started our game both sides speeding towards each other. A few shots were exchanged before unfortunately my little 1 year old got ill so had to call it a day and look after him all night. He seems much better today though. On Sunday I took a trip to a new gaming club that has opened up  Infamous Wargaming club based on oldbury at a community arts place. Here I met Jamie who set up and runs the club. He gave me a demo of bolt action (I know i had played a game the night before but I always find it good to have someone that has played a few times to show you). He had a german force and we played a scenario called envelopment. I lost the roll so Jamie picked the defender and I got the attacker. I had to get my forces across I to his deployment done and off the board.

My forces were in white as they haven't been painted yet just under coated  as you can see I suffered from a lack of cover where as the Germans were well dug in.

One of my squads (above pic) managed to get into opponents half and some brave charging and close quarter combat.  This squad did make it off the board.

My other squad did not fair so well as it had more open ground to cover. In bolt action (as I'm sure many of you are aware) you have pins this reflects squads receiving incoming fire.  I had made my own pin markers to look like little explosions. As you can see from the picture the squad had already acquired 2. Pins affect taking orders and shooting

They fought their way across the river but were wiped out. I lost the game but 2 victory points.
One of the other blokes at the club offered me a second game against Russians.  After set up I noticed there were a lot of Russians on the other side of the battle. This was a straight up meeting engagment where both sides run into the table.  This went fairly evenly but we ran out of time so didn't get to finish though to rub it In my artillery spotter at extreme long range and enemy in cover took 2 enemy out with his SMG with some lucky dice rolls. I love bolt action and can't wait to get my army sorted. Also Jamie was super kind and gave me a box of British soldiers which should be enough to make up another 2 squads of regular British Tommies.
The box is full of sprues and loads of choice!  Below is what I started this morning (wonderful children waking up before 7 am)

Have a great day!!


  1. Bolt Action is a cracking game Martin and one of my faves, I love the system it just works so well and beats the whole igougo turn sequence

    1. Yeah it's a great game can't wait to paint up my army