Saturday, 19 November 2016

Bolt Action Mid/Late War Infantry

Throughout the week I've been working on British infantry box set. The British Airbourne units I already own were solid models so required no assembly. However this box sets contains options for many varieties of soldiers. Obviously being new to bolt action and didn't really know what to aim for and there are a lot of sprues! Luckily I got some advice from Jamie at Infamous wargaming club (the very man who gave me the box set) and had a list in my mind.

My officer and 2 body guards with SMGs

My officer has got 2 bodyguards along with him. He did start out as pointing with one hand but after looking at the sprues I decided that I would have a slightly eccentric officer who had 2 pistols! No in game effect but I like it anyway.


Next up a bit of anti tank. A PIAT team setting up their gun.

Light Mortar Team

A light mortar team next. The loader does look like he will fling the mortar round himself but with some special placing of mortar and loader hopefully the effect I was after will come through.

Sniper Team

I made a sniper team up (virtue of scoped enfield) there were no specifically designed prone figures in the box set so I went for a sniper getting into position with spotter. Point to note: the binoculars were a nightmare to fit in the spotters hands!!!!!!!!!!!!

Squad of 8 Tommies
2nd Squad of 8 Tommies

Last was two 8 man squads containing an LMG team, 2 SMGs and 4 rifles each.
Great fun putting these together as the amount of sprues give you plenty of options and poses for your soldiers.  I think this box set is great you get virtually a platoon on it so could start playing straight away. Now a mass bolt action force painting session is required!
Have a great one guys


  1. Looking good! Like the gun fu officer as well

  2. Thank you. I thought he was a bit boring with one pistol and Ponting so i have him 2 pistols lol he has seen to many westerns!!

  3. Great work, all round! I have this box also and love the (sometimes fiddly) possibilities it allows :D

    1. Yeah i found getting the guns in the hands the most awkward after those sodding binoculars lol