Thursday, 20 October 2016

Terrain! Part 1

I've been working on some new terrain. With my force for dystopian legions and my new foray into bolt action I decided I needed to add a few buildings as all of mine are post apocalyspe type buildings.  I wanted some cottage type buildings and a bigger one so I settled on an inn type building. These should hopefully be Ok in both game settings. As funds are low (as always) for gaming I aim to scratch build them. We have had a new microwave so the box was sacrificed to make said buildings. After making a template out of paper

Using the template I cut the pieces out required.
Using a bit glue gun I assembled the buildings

The big building has a balcony on as well (ignore the coloured lollipop sticks it's all I had to hand!). Next up I've added lollipop sticks to simulate wooden support a some old buildings have

The large building comes apart I can take the way floor off for access to ground floor and also the roof off. One of the cottages roof comes off also the other has a while 'blasted' into the back. The roofs were a real challenge for me getting the right angle and securing them son I could take them off in games. I've managed it but they don't fit as nice as I would have liked.
Next up was tiling the roofs! Thanks again to Lukes APS Facebook group (link here ) I was offered some good advice as I was looking at cutting each tile out separately!! Thankfully the advice was cut one inch long strips og cardboard (the length of your roof obviously) then mark a line halfway all the way along. Along this line mark every half inch then cut up tothe half way marked line. Starting from the bottom of the roof stick one strip down the the next strip on top with the 'tiles' covering the non cut but of the strip. Hopefully that made sense and it looks like this

I think the effect looks really decent. The cardboard could have been better quality but I'm working on a budget (so far a microwave box and happy box have been sacrificed) but you only really notice it on close examination  for gaming I think the will be ok.
Next up is undercoating and painting


  1. This really looks good! Well planned out and you are of to a great start !

  2. This really looks good! Well planned out and you are of to a great start !

  3. Hopefully my painting won't ruin it lol

  4. So far so good Martin, terrain building is a skill, like any other practice makes perfect!

    1. Thank you. Yep gotta keep practicing. I'm impressed considering its a microwave box a nappy box and some lollipop sticks

  5. Looking good dude. A lick of paint and they will be very serviceable :)