Thursday, 6 October 2016

Birthday funds depleted!!!

The post people have been busy delivering all my online orders that I've spent my birthday money on or as a present.
First up.

My family for me the star wars rebellion game. It's an absolute beast of a box 6 inches in depth. Inside is 150 plastic miniatures to represent fleets etc. Looks great can't wait to dive in.

E-Wing from my good friends! Can't wait to break out the new fighter and give it a fly.

My first bolt action miniatures are the British Airbourne HQ. After watching  the Pegasus bridge section of the Longest Day and A Bridge To Far for many years I've always loved the idea of having an airbourne force.

Next up I needed some anti tank (not many airbourne tanks .....well I believe there is one but not great in a tank fight so I'll aim to get that later ) I got a PIAT team and a light mortar team .

Obviously i need some troops!! This section gives me a squad with a mix of SMGs, OMG and rifles.
All the models look great and detailed I just hope I don't ruin them with my painting. On that note I've gotta but some more shadea of green!

Last of all (well apart from two books from the excellent series day by day Armageddon which haven't arrived yet.) Is my 14 pounder giving my Britannia force some much needed artillery and a nice anti-iron clad threat. The models looks great and comes with a base which was good as I thought I would have to buy one separate. In my last blog I mentioned that I was worried as prices were going up and stick diminishing. Well in the Spartan games blog they announced that dystopian legions is going strictly mail order from them to keep prices low and models still available. They have many games and I guess this isn't the most popular one. So at least I'll still be able to get models though depending on price may still use some proxies he he he
Now into assembling and painting!!!