Saturday, 21 May 2016

Clays Battle (Across the Dead Earth battle)

Another games night brought another game of Across the Dead Earth. So I thought I would try a battle report from one models perspective (I'd seen this idea on another blog).  The game set the Concrete Jungle Savages meet the Coggers on an abandoned road to fight over loot.

Clay starts by sprinting to some abandoned ruins to search for loot
Keeping a low profile Clay spies some loot in a building
Clay grabs the loot but spies a heavy fight going on in the centre of the battlefield
Clay sees Thermite the medic get taken out and sprints over to help

Through the abandoned vehicles Clay spots a Cogger and charges
Clays over confidence means he does not connect with his sword and the Cogger slips out of his grasp and raises his rifle
Ah crap assault rifle blast in the face!

River exacts swift revenge but having no medic training has to watch while Clays bleeds out.

That was the end for Clay. Luckily he managed to pull through. The rest of the gang had a brutal fight, the medic Thermite was knocked out by the first shot of the game and then put ouf of the game with another shot. My leader tried to help and was left exposed but took a Cogger down. Then he met Wall the Coggers hand to hand machine (riot shield and sword) it went as well as could be expected.  Savage sid went down hard.  A very angry River stepped up and swiftly dispatched wall with her 2 handed axe.  She went on to take another Cogger out before being clubbed to the ground. The survivors took their loot grabbed their wounded and headed home.  With 4 gang members took out including both leaders the kills were even but the Coggers got 100 pts to the Savages 60 pts so took the win.

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