Thursday, 28 April 2016

X-Wing Storage

I've been looking at ways to store my x wing stuff. The ships are fine as I like them on the geek shelves for the world to see how ever as some of you know there are a fair few tokens and cards!
After a quick Google of what other people do I found that there is a few different storage options made for x wing but people use other things as well. I found the most popular seemed to be a Stanley box with multiple sections that come out and are all  different sizes. Off I went to home base to see what I could find. They didn't have the exact one but had plenty similar.  Then I spied this case

Now it's not what I was looking for but it was £7 for 2 and they inter lock!  The compartments can be changed in size etc so I can fit everything in! And if (who am I kidding!!! When) I get more x wing stuff and the box get a full I can lock the other box into it.

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