Saturday, 23 April 2016

X-Wing Miniatures Game

Last night my friend came over and we played our first game of X wing. We decided to play a game with out upgrades etc so we could learn the basic rules first.  I used a squadron builder app to make two lists. I only had 4 Tie Fighters (2 from each core set) but because I'm a rebel fan I have 2 X Wings, an A wing, a Y wing  and a B wing. The Tie fighters were all packing ace pilots and the rebels brought to the fight 2 X Wings piloted by Poe Dameron and Biggs Darklighter. Backed up by a green Squadron piloted A wing.

We set up our battleground. We used my homemade asteroids and my friend very amazingly gave me some warhammer vortex templates  that can be used to represent planets.  Space terrain in place we deployed our forces.  I had control of the rebels and my friend had the Imperials. 
The basic game rules are really simple. Each ship has a manoeuvre dial and you secretly choose a manoeuvre template.  Then in a certan The order you and your opponent reveal your move.  This is a great little feature that really brings out the tactical side as you are having to guess  what your opponent might do. It really helped create the feel of a dog fight  Combat resolved through rolling special dice. The attacker dice has blank and hits on there. The defenders dice has blank and evades(each evade cancels a hit). There is a focus symbol on each dice as well (one action allows you to focus, you then can change a focus result on the dice to a bit of evade depending on circumstances). If hits get through you get a damage card (There are 2 types of damage card.  Straight damage and damage that has an effect on your ship as well)once you have the same amount of damage cards to your ships hull points Boom !! Your ship is destroyed.

The ships initial deployment

The first few turns involved the ships getting into position and then the action heated up with close quarter battling and flying.

Here you can see the manoeuvre template on my x wing

Here you can see my ship cards and the damage a couple have sustained

The first kill went to Poe Dameron  a long range shot taking out one of the tie fighters after that an A wing, another tie fighter and Biggs in his x wing were destroyed  (Biggs taking the hits for Poe like a hero).  That left 2 ties versus one X wing.  After one tie flew into a planet (you can't check the movement template when you choose it on your dial ) Poe took down the other tie fighter for the win. 

Once you have the rules down the game flows so easily. I can't wait to add upgrades and secondary weapons to the fray now!!!
I would recommend this to Any one who likes Tabletop games and star wars! Hell I'd reccomend this game to everyone. My friend that played was also blown away by it (even if he sides with the Empire. ... ).
That's all for today have a great day!

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    1. I was blown away by it. The manoeuvre dials bring such a tactical element to it. Yet the combat is beautifully simple