Thursday, 7 April 2016

Last night's painting

I managed to do some painting! Last night me and the wife settled to down to watch the last hunger games film (which I quite enjoyed ) I broke out the paints. I put another layer of brown on my asteroids. I'm struggling a bit with these as I cover them then as I put them away to dry I spot white bits?! Might try just touching them up before I try a wash in them. Next up was some of the Mars Attacks ruins. I tried to colour schemes on these. The first was a flash colour then red dry brush on the bricks.

Next up was a black layer first then some space wolves grey.

Now I prefer the red brick work but the grey isn't so bad either and varies up the ruins a bit.
There were mostly walls to paint but there was a bigger one with a window pane and door.

I remeber watching a tutorial about this section so I tried some ideas. The Windows were my first ever attempt at highlighting by this time it was late and I hadn't used my lamp (my eyes aren't what they used to be)  so it's not great yet but hopefully it will look ok.  I used an ink on the green so I will need to pick some bits out and highlight them next time round.

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