Saturday, 30 April 2016

Got the Terrain Bug Again!

After my Amera Plastics terrain I subscribed to the channel that helped me paint them. It's  Lukes Affordable Paint Service. That's the Facebook link he is on YouTube also. He aims at finding cheap but good alternatives to painting and terrain making.
On one video he had found a cheap water effect from Poundland!  For some reason I've always wanted to do a water effect on a piece of terrain and have yet to find a suitable water effect besides paying a lot for a dedicated water effect. 
I went for a simple stream flowing out a pile of rocks into a little pond as an idea.  I broke out the foam board as a base and added some polystyrene bits building up a rock pile.  Topped with some polystyrene eggs left over from x wing asteroids.

I carved out a little dip for the pond and built up around the edges with polystyrene for the sides.  Next was putting a layer of filler on it all.

After the filler I sanded down a lot of the edges making it a touch smoother.
Then it was into painting! As I wanted a rock pile I adopted the same approach that I did on the Amera Plastics stuff. Several layers of dry brushing getting lighter and lighter

Next I added a few little rocks in the dip for underwater rocks then click around the rock pile and edges.

Next up was the water effect. Lukes Affordable Paint Service recommended as a cheap option an epoxy from Poundland

Plus you get this spring loaded clip for holding things together!

I squeezed some epoxy into the gap in rock pile to look like it was running down into the pool  After holding the terrain at an odd angle I added the rest into the dip.  Now to let it dry.  In hindsight what I should do is put the epoxy on in layers so must remeber for next time.  Below is the finished article (with drying epoxy)

The second piece I made as I had left over lollipop sticks from making pallets. I made a wooden watch tower

It's not the most stable level thing but hey it's a post apocalyspe watch tower!!

That's all folks have a great day