Friday, 11 March 2016

Just so many games!

Feeling a bit of a ramble coming on. Just looking at all the games out there  I would love to have.  Flames of war and bolt action look really good. The flames of war game team Yankee I like the look of. As this Is a what if scenario  and having read the book it peaks my interest. Unfortunatly the models appear to be very expensive and I do not know anyone else who plays.
Bolt action I like the idea of having a small little force as one of my interests is WW2 history.
Dust Tactics ( I think there are 2 varieties but not sure ) is another interesting game. I like the alternative take on ww2 and mechs fighting are always good. Once again price is an issue and just  tracking down sets and models seems to be difficult.
Theres another post apocalyptic game out there called this is not a test and that also looks good (set I believe in the US).
On the fantasy side of gaming. I've not got to much interest, there is the upcoming shattered crown (from Dead Earth games) which looks good and is skirmish or larger armies. Though I only have a small geek space so skirmish bands are the way forward for me. I do like  the idea of a Norse type band I have to say.
Then there is the space battles. I love space ships and mostly space dog fights and the idea of huge space ships fighting. In of the reasons I've bought x wing is to get in on this. There is also out there firestorm armada and halo fleet battles I think it's called. I love the design of the ships in Halo. Once again though comes down to price and who to play with ☺. Hopefully x wing will be enough to scratch that itch.
I'm sure there are more games I've missed but it's a vast gaming world! So glad I've found it and not just been stuck in a GW lead world.

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