Friday, 11 March 2016

Games Night !

Tonight we headed off to put friends for games night. Tonight on the cards was Firefly the board game and Ghostbusters game.
First up Firefly, my friends had not played it before so we played the first beginner scenario which allows you to pick up the rules as when you set it all up it's a bit foreboding! ! (See picture a bit further down) but once you get playing it all comes together.

The board and all the cards for you gaming pleasure!

Next up was Ghostbusters. This was the result of a successful kickstarter campaign last year. It's a co op game for 4 or more people  (if there is only two of you it still recommends using 4 characters) plus you get to use the Ecto One car.  There are several scenarios for you to play with (there is the stay puft monster in the box to!), our one tonight involved finding a closing gates to stop the ghosts coming through  it was a short scenario to get us into the rules.
The game rules are simple and a bit like Zombiecide in some ways. You have to catch the ghosts in your streams and some will require multiple streams to capture. If the ghosts get to close you get slimed!!
We managed to close all the gates and snag a few ghosts as well!!!

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