Sunday, 27 March 2016

Across the Dead Earth Tournament

It's been spoke about on the Across the Dead Earth Facebook group and now its a reality. In July there will be the first ever Across the Dead Earth tournament! Details are  here . In preparation I've decided to strip my  engineer gang and give them a new coat of paint and re base them using my new base molds.
Really looking forward to it and I hooen I don't embarrass myself and lose badly!!

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Miniature Carry Case

Today I awoke to a parcel from table top tyrants. My carry case I had ordered off their kickstarter. I had ordered the basic box with light infantry trays for ten pound plus three pound delivery.
I'm really impressed with the case.  Its made of tough cardboard, has two foam layers in and will hold about twenty to twenty five normal sized 28mm miniatures.

All in all I'm quite happy with this for ferrying my skirmish forces around.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

X-Wing Miniatures

Got my small rebel squadron together. With the 2 starter sets and rebel aces  I've got 2 X wings (technically a T-65 and T-70), an A-Wing and a B-wing. I want to add a Y-wing  so I have all the ships from the films (minus the big ships obviously ). To match this I will eventually need to add more ships to the Imperial forces. I have 4 Tie fighters. Each ship in the game has a points value and the standard battle seems to be 100pts. The rebel ships are generally better than the Imperial but the Imperial forces tend to be cheaper. Looking on the list creator app I have i can have all four rebel ships as long as the I take low skilled pilots or 3 with better pilots. Comparatively the Imperials get around 6-8 ships with fairly skilled pilots.
The models themselves are really nicely detailed and look superb.  They are a little fiddly and you have to be careful (away from grabbing toddlers).

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Post Apocalypse Video Games

As well as miniatures and board games my other big love is video games. Now in keeping with my favourite genres post apocalyptic and a sci fi my favourite games are  usually from these genres. The greatest series of post apocalytic games in my opinion is the Fallout games. The latest in the series being Fallout 4 which I'm about half way through. Out of the others (fallout, fallout 2, fallout tactics, fallout 3 and fallout New Vegas) my favourite is probably Fallout 3.
Fallout is set in a 1950s inspired universe lots of 50s sci fi pulp.  It's vastly detailed world with its own alternative history timeline after world war 2(I've not done a great job of explaining it but trust me it's vastly detailed check here for the Fallout Wiki ). Fallout is set after the great nuclear war that ravaged the planet. There are surviors and people that paid to go into 'Vaults' before the bombs hit.
Fallout 3 is set in a more shattered wasteland with a few factions fighting and surviving. As well as the main story thwre are plenty of other things to see and do.  Fallout New Vegas as the name suggests is set in the law Vegas area which according to the lore was less hot with nuclear weapons so there is a bit more civilisation left and new countries formed.
Fallout 4 is set in the Boston area and is unusual in that at the start you play before the bombs fall. There's so much to do in this game including building your own settlements and setting up trading caravans. Can't say too much about this game as I've not finished it yet.
Another great game is the Last of Us. It terms of game playb it's quite linear but it's story is epic. Set in a world where a fungus  (an actual real life one which is the base for the story) has started to infect humans turning them into zombie type monsters (There are a couple of different types). The story is about a smuggler in the surviving zones is paid to get a girl who is inmune to the fungus across the country to a group who say they can cure everyone with the girls help. The gameplay is quite stealth related but the combat is good be it against zombies or humans. The main thing about the game is the story and the design of a post apocalyptic America.
Also in my collection I have Wasteland 2, I believe this started as a kick starter and is in the style of the old fallout games and quite possibly is the hardest game I've ever played so much so it's currently on a game break (it's staying in the cupboard until I'm brave enough to try again lol).
Zombie apocalyspe games are also good. There was a game on Xbox called state of decay where you rescued survivors and build up your defnces and said for food, weapons etc. Dead island is also a good game, first person zombie fighting☺. I also have dying light to play as well. Zombie apocalyspe games can't be talked about without mentioning Dead Rising. The first one I feel was the best, the 2nd played more on the parts of crafting weapons and killing as many zombies as possible (though this is itself incredibly fun). The first one allowed you access to all manner of different ways to kill zombies.  Sometimes I'd forget about the story and carry on killing zombies (The shower head is exceptionally gory ). My only downer on the game was that you only get a certain amount of time to do a mission after that it is no longer available.
Have a great day ☺

Friday, 11 March 2016

Games Night !

Tonight we headed off to put friends for games night. Tonight on the cards was Firefly the board game and Ghostbusters game.
First up Firefly, my friends had not played it before so we played the first beginner scenario which allows you to pick up the rules as when you set it all up it's a bit foreboding! ! (See picture a bit further down) but once you get playing it all comes together.

The board and all the cards for you gaming pleasure!

Next up was Ghostbusters. This was the result of a successful kickstarter campaign last year. It's a co op game for 4 or more people  (if there is only two of you it still recommends using 4 characters) plus you get to use the Ecto One car.  There are several scenarios for you to play with (there is the stay puft monster in the box to!), our one tonight involved finding a closing gates to stop the ghosts coming through  it was a short scenario to get us into the rules.
The game rules are simple and a bit like Zombiecide in some ways. You have to catch the ghosts in your streams and some will require multiple streams to capture. If the ghosts get to close you get slimed!!
We managed to close all the gates and snag a few ghosts as well!!!

Just so many games!

Feeling a bit of a ramble coming on. Just looking at all the games out there  I would love to have.  Flames of war and bolt action look really good. The flames of war game team Yankee I like the look of. As this Is a what if scenario  and having read the book it peaks my interest. Unfortunatly the models appear to be very expensive and I do not know anyone else who plays.
Bolt action I like the idea of having a small little force as one of my interests is WW2 history.
Dust Tactics ( I think there are 2 varieties but not sure ) is another interesting game. I like the alternative take on ww2 and mechs fighting are always good. Once again price is an issue and just  tracking down sets and models seems to be difficult.
Theres another post apocalyptic game out there called this is not a test and that also looks good (set I believe in the US).
On the fantasy side of gaming. I've not got to much interest, there is the upcoming shattered crown (from Dead Earth games) which looks good and is skirmish or larger armies. Though I only have a small geek space so skirmish bands are the way forward for me. I do like  the idea of a Norse type band I have to say.
Then there is the space battles. I love space ships and mostly space dog fights and the idea of huge space ships fighting. In of the reasons I've bought x wing is to get in on this. There is also out there firestorm armada and halo fleet battles I think it's called. I love the design of the ships in Halo. Once again though comes down to price and who to play with ☺. Hopefully x wing will be enough to scratch that itch.
I'm sure there are more games I've missed but it's a vast gaming world! So glad I've found it and not just been stuck in a GW lead world.