Thursday, 11 February 2016

Mars Attacks Scenery

After some consideration and asking on my Facebook page I decided to start putting together my mars attacks scenery to add to my scenery pile as I don't play the game itself that often so the scenery would be more used if I add it to the scenery I use for across the dead. The scenery fits in with a post apocalyspe just nicely.
The first lot is mainly street furniture and piles of rubble. The rubble clips together nice and easy and a dab of glue just to be sure.

After the street furniture comes the ruins

Next up are the ruins.  They clip together using little plastic connectors. These can be a bit fiddly but once you've worked them out it's easy. The only issue is that there are several holes for the connectors (to allow multiple set ups of scenery) once you've put in a connector other holes are left in show. I remedied this by attempting something I saw in the internet. Using milliput I flattened it out into a normal section of brick work which had been dabbed with oil. Peeled the milliput off (slowly...) revealing (hopefully!) The same brick work pattern. Then you use this to fill the hole.

I filled in the rest of the holes and some gaps in between the separate ruin pieces as shown below

All done for the night

That's them all done and in the queue awaiting under coating.
Have a great day folks

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  1. Looks good dude. Something I keep meaning to do at some point is to fill all the gaps in as well.