Tuesday, 23 February 2016

New shiny tokens!

Yesterday I recieved some shiny plastic tokens for Across the Dead Earth.  I had noticed them on dead earth games demo games so asked in the  Facebook group and for a nice price the man who designed them for Dead Earth games made a eunbup for me and a few others. They are really nice and add a bit more to the game


Monday, 15 February 2016

Kickstarter Molds

Had a spare few minutes tonight so thought I would try out the molds I have received. Mixing the milliput I then used a touch of vegetable oil (what was in the kitchen) to prevent milliput sticking to the mold.

After waiting a while I carefully eased out the still soft milliput. Admittedly I should have waited a little longer I believe but I just wanted to see how they would look.
They came out fairly easy and look really good I think.

I think a bit less oil next time but I think they have came out quite well.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Across the Dead Earth

I've written about Across the Dead Earth way back when I started this blog but no thought I would go into a bit more depth now I've played a few games and write about them on here. Newer readers might not know about it.
Across the Dead Earth is brought to us by the awesome folks at Dead Earth games .
The main reason I love the game is it is set in the UK (where I live) and I find most post apocalyptic games are set in the USA. While I'm sure these games are free enough with rules you can make your own world in the UK I like the fact that Across the Dead Earth is based around the UK. (Other parts of the world are mentioned but more on that later).
The fluff in the rule book sets the ATDE world 80 years after a war that ravaged the planet but leaves sufficient flexibility for you to create your own little world. I play my games in the ruins of Smethwick. The main crux is gangs fighting for loot and if you make a campaign up (like I have done) territory.
Dead Earth games sell several gangs that you can use but in the rulebook there are rules to make you're own gangs.  I have two  gangs from Dead Earth. The Red Claw gang and the Engineers. I also have two other gangs made up from different models . In the rulebook are several factions including The State. A group living in The ruins of London who believe they now run the country and in the wreckage of Birmingham are The guild of engineers, descended from survivors that sort refuge in an underground library and now seek all manner of knowledge. There are other factions in The book most of which  have models others are planned for the future. There are also mercenaries available for your gangs to hire. 2 of which have models so far and another one possibly in The next few months.
The rulebook is great quality, a good read with great artwork giving a vivid impression of a post apocalyptic UK.
The game mechanics are really simple, each turn the player activates a model followed by their opponent. This goes on till all modela have moved and that is the end of the turn.  The game uses 2D6 as a base for all rolls. I'm shooting tmyou will to hit and any extra is added as a bonus to the save modifer this gives a nice impressionof the difference between a good shot and a great shot. Melee is a contest roll between attacker and defender adding various modifers depending on weapons etc.  A nice touch to the game are the event cards, each player gets three and can be used at any time depending on what the card says.  They cover many things and range from tripping your opponent  (their model not them actually!) to distracting shooters. They bring a cracking unexpectedness to the game and a crafty way of ruining your enemies plans. Each gang can have a medic who can bring downed fighters back into the battle.
Also out for the game is the first part of the expansion From Sea to Poisoned Sea. This provides background to what happened on the U.S. and provides rules for factions on U.S.soil. There are also rules for Solus which are zombies and can be found anywhere you can even have a gang of them! This adds another element to the game and game background.  The end part is in the works and should see vehicle rules added.
I hope this has provided a decent view of the game Across the Dead Earth, there is plenty in the works for the game plus possibly a board game in development where you search the abandoned (or is it?) underground system in London. If your interested check out the website and the Facebook group here . It's a great community of players who are always willing to offer advice and ideas.  Plus the games creators are regulars on there so they are always helpful and approachable 
Have a great day !

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Mars Attacks Scenery

After some consideration and asking on my Facebook page I decided to start putting together my mars attacks scenery to add to my scenery pile as I don't play the game itself that often so the scenery would be more used if I add it to the scenery I use for across the dead. The scenery fits in with a post apocalyspe just nicely.
The first lot is mainly street furniture and piles of rubble. The rubble clips together nice and easy and a dab of glue just to be sure.

After the street furniture comes the ruins

Next up are the ruins.  They clip together using little plastic connectors. These can be a bit fiddly but once you've worked them out it's easy. The only issue is that there are several holes for the connectors (to allow multiple set ups of scenery) once you've put in a connector other holes are left in show. I remedied this by attempting something I saw in the internet. Using milliput I flattened it out into a normal section of brick work which had been dabbed with oil. Peeled the milliput off (slowly...) revealing (hopefully!) The same brick work pattern. Then you use this to fill the hole.

I filled in the rest of the holes and some gaps in between the separate ruin pieces as shown below

All done for the night

That's them all done and in the queue awaiting under coating.
Have a great day folks

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

X Wing Miniature Game

Spending some Christmas money I purchased the x wing miniatures game, I really fancied the Armada version of the game but it was to pricey for me. For my big ship battles I'll have to look else where. One thing i love as much as post apocalyptic stuff is sci fi stuff mainly space ships ☺ Finally got round to opening the box and having a proper look through. The box it self is great quality and well presented, showing off the three space ships you get.  (2 Tie Fighters and 1 X-Wing).

Inside all the tokens you need are on a pop out cardboard sheet. Great quality and nice art work. Plus a bag of dice specific to the game, a range market and cards representing ship damage and stop pilots. Inside the rulebook there are a few missions for you to play and some of the pop out sheets have tokens representing asteroids and satellites.

Next up the is the models. They are really nicely detailed. I was a bit disappointed to find they were plastic. I thought with the cost of extra ships (around £12 for one X-Wing) they might be metal.
They fit on stands which are a little fiddly and I managed to break on connector on a Tie Fighter. So I've had to repair it. With a bit of gentle turning they slot  in easy. The stands are designed to have cards slide into them and the movement templates and fit on the front and back.

Here is the Tie Fighter repair

So that's it. I'd like a bigger fleet but with the costs it might take Some Time. Hopefully I'll get a game soon. Have a great day folks

Tuesday, 9 February 2016


Today my molds arrived from the kickstarter I backed. Now I had (along with the other backers) been getting worried as there were virtually no updates at all from the guy. Today there was an update and then pop  through the letter box my pledge arrived!
Just three molds just to add a little something extra to my bases .Right now I need to buy some green stuff

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