Saturday, 30 January 2016

Post Apocalyptic Vehicles

In readiness for my Across the Dead Earth game I wanted to get some paint on my vehicles. So kids all in bed I broke out the paints.

This I my post apoc racer. It's red because red cars go faster.  I added 3 machine guns because every PA car needs guns!!. There's a sword strapped to the spoiler for any road rate incidents. The car also has flames down the side (albeit badly painted! ) because flames on card are cool! (Maybe probably not so hot on my fiesta )

Not so happy with this one as I feel it's a bit dark. It's supposed to be the tank version of a car with lots of corrugated steel welded to it. It may get changed later but it will do for the game .
As an extra but I also glued my kingdom of britannia HMG section together.

That's all for now I'll put up a post about the game after its all done with. Have a great weekend.