Monday, 21 December 2015

It's almost Christmas!

Obviously it's been quiet on the war gaming front with the run up to Christmas going on. I've doodled a scenario generator for our across the dead earth campaign. This should help us decide what type of game we are playing.

I've added rules for the scenarios such as caravan ambush etc 
Caravan is where one gang has been hired to escort a caravan of traders/slavers etc across the board while the other gang attempys to hijack it. Ambush is where one gang has been lured by loot and is now surrounded! They must break out and escape.
Territory grab is a straight fight forn possession of a central location gaining that territory on the map. Scavenging scrap and Hired hit are basically  the same thing. 2 or more gangs meet while scavenging. The hired hit version is where each player randomly chooses an opponets model. If that model is took out of action they get a bounty!

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