Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Works in Progress

Working on some post apocalyptic vehicles just for fun and when the across the dead earth vehicle rules arrive ☺. Using corrugated card board to look like corrugated metal sheets. I found a set in wilkinsons with a SUV pulling a rally car. The SUV I wanna make into a heavy armoured car pulling a trailer with some kind of weapon on. The rally car I want to be more of road warriors vehicle.

Next im just working on a snall piece of scatter terrain. We were clearing out my sons toys to make room for his Christmas toys and there were 2 ideal sized plastic cars  so I grabbed a CD as a base and am hoping too make some abandoned looking cars. Based the CD with sand and glued the car in place for now.

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Monday, 21 December 2015

It's almost Christmas!

Obviously it's been quiet on the war gaming front with the run up to Christmas going on. I've doodled a scenario generator for our across the dead earth campaign. This should help us decide what type of game we are playing.

I've added rules for the scenarios such as caravan ambush etc 
Caravan is where one gang has been hired to escort a caravan of traders/slavers etc across the board while the other gang attempys to hijack it. Ambush is where one gang has been lured by loot and is now surrounded! They must break out and escape.
Territory grab is a straight fight forn possession of a central location gaining that territory on the map. Scavenging scrap and Hired hit are basically  the same thing. 2 or more gangs meet while scavenging. The hired hit version is where each player randomly chooses an opponets model. If that model is took out of action they get a bounty!

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Quiet week

Not much has happened on the modelling front been working and looking after poorly kids. Hopefully I'll have my two test riflemen stuck together Sunday night. 
No more kick starters now they've all finished so as well as the  war bear I will have a mould to add designs to my figures based.
I've been to Wales and in a town called Porthmadog  there is a little model shop with a great selection of models. Plus a impressive 8ft (ish) long civil war display with hundreds of figures on the battle field!  They sell some plastic terrain by Amera plastics who have some great ideas.  I picked up some foliage for my battle grounds and some pre painted femces.


Also after using the half price voucher code on  http://www.black-ronin.com/  I had bought a set of road pictures and toxic river. Last week my dad and I spent a while printing them all out and laminating them. Next will be a rub with a scrubbing sponge to take the shine off them and then use them on my game boards.
Apologies for the pictures it's my camera and the light reduce the quality

Monday, 7 December 2015

War bears and Stags Kickstarter

The kickstarter was a success! So soon I shall have a war bear winding it's way to my letterbox!


Been a quiet week as I've been away with the family.  I'm a big fan of the tv series sharpe and wanted some rifleman in my Dystopian Legions force . I'll keep them as th a standard line infantry just different models ☺