Monday, 23 November 2015

Zombicide Short Story Part 2

“Louise get on! I got zombies to kill” Oksana shouted pushing a woman into the helicopter. 2 more people from the other survivors jumped in the helicopter.  The pilot grabbed Dan “look I'm sorry but the military are beings asses they wanted no one pulled out but we're doing our best.  I'll try and come back ok.  I'll try. .” with that he jumped on helicopter and took off. Travis walked up to Dan and handed him another Mac-10 “present for ya man. All I need's my shotgun. Woo this is a good day” Dan smiled trust the redneck to enjoy this! All the survivors spread out around the helipad as moans, barks and screeching could be heard.  Then from some wasteland the yapping of dogs could be heard.

“zombie dogs! “ the cry came.  “Zombies in the building over there” from another direction, “zombies on this corner!” Seems we're surrounded Dan thought.  

“Yeah baby!!” Travis yelled shooting zombies down. “the crows are attacking! Zombie crows give me a break! “ Elsa yelled.

Dan turned and opened fire with his double Mac-10s he couldn't help but smile as he unloaded into the crowd of zombies.

He looked over and saw one of the other survivors staring into a window with zombies staring back.

“Bear what are you doing man? “ a blonde lady yelled.

“it's my ma  Miss Trish she's in there with those things,I gotta get her!” Bear yelled back. He smashed the door and zombies poured out.

“you guys don't think we have enough zombies? Travis yelled from across the street.  Stepping over zombie corpses.  Dan spotted movement behind Travis,


It was too late 6 zombies feel upon Travis,he went down  kicking and hurling insults before the zombies ripped him apart.  “Nooo!” Dan yelled, Oksana finally free of the zombies she was battling levelled her twin sawn off shotguns at the crowd of zombies

“Hey, boys. Bad idea” the guns fired, a hail of bullets and quarters shredded the zombies.

A thumping sound could be heard over the gunshots and zombie moans.  Dan turned and saw the helicopter swooping in between the buildings. “yes!” Happiness turned to shock as Dan spotted Elsa turn to see the helicopter a zombie grabbed her and bit into her back she screamed and ripped the zombies head off but four more zombies pounced on her.  Dan yelled in rage not noticing as he unloaded his Mac-10s into a crowd of zombies.  The last few survivors climbed on the helicopter. The pilot gestured at Dan but He turned and gunned down more zombies, crowd or dogs he didn't care only that these things had took the last few friends he had.  “you're not going either?“ Dan turned and Oksana was loading her shotguns.

“these scum killed my friends. I'm not done killing them “ Dan said. What the hell has come over me Dan thought I've never been so angry.  The bite wound on his arm throbbed. The helicopter took off again the down blast scattering zombie crows giving a brief respite.  Dan saw Miss Trish take position on the helipad.  Oksana shouted “you think they're coming back? Ha ha ha”

“ you gotta have hope” came the reply.

“I don't need hope….. I got my sawn offs… they come! “ Oksana yelled. pointing at a crowd of zombies and zombie crows.  Dan moved onto the helipad back to back with miss Trish and another survivor.  “hey I'm Parker might as well be on first name terms of its gonna end like this” the survivor did.  “Dan … good to meet you shame about the circumstances” Dan replied.  Parker grunted and started shooting. Wave after wave of the undead fell upon the survivors . Dan arms  felt like lead weights from the fighting suddenly a surge of zombies smashed into them. Dan felt teeth rip into his leg.  He screamed and lashed out.  He felt something course through his veins, guess I'm becoming a zombie Dan thought, should I be able to think?  A zombie grabbed  at Dan and a red veil descended over his eyes and he struck out.  He saw the others all with bites and fighting hard.  They all looked like they were turning into zombies but not all the way yet. A Zombivor if you will Dan thought.  He laughed out loud at that and levelled his Mac-10s clearing a space. “what's that? “ Parker yelled, Dan looked around and saw the helicopter flying in low.  More undead appeared, “this is gonna be close! “ Dan yelled.

“Told you a little bit of hope would work! “ miss Trish yelled to Oksana. The helicopter hovered inches off the helipad  as the last four survivors piled into the helicopter.

“Told you I'd be back.  Damn the military is gonna be pissed at me…. What the hell happened to you? “ the pilot said as he saw the state of the survivors.  “don't know but probably not gonna help your case with the military” Dan said leaning back into his seat.  

the radio crackled into life “evac chopper 1 you will follow us immediately”  Dan looked out the window and saw 2 attack helicopters flanking them

“This is gonna take some explaining “.......

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