Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Last bits of Dystopian Legions and a kickstarter!

Finally finished up my dystopian legions force! The sky hussars,  knightly order light dragoons and Colonel Gilbert 'Bertie ' Smithington were all finished up last night.
The light dragoons were as mentioned fiddly to put together but decent enough to paint. Only used a 'gun metal' type paint on the exo skeleton as I liked the effect when it dried. It's basic but I feel it does the job and at my current skill level I'd only ruin it if I tried anything else. The Sky Hussars' only hurdle was getting a smoke effect for the jet pack. I painted the smoke cloud black then grey then dry brush a bit of white on the billows. The colonel I'm really happy with, the uniform colouring came about by sheer fluke. I had painted it dark blue but didn't like that so made a lighter blue and put it on top. It's come out quite nice.
This week I've also backed the new improved Shattered Crown kickstarter. This is mainly to get the awesome bear riders and stag riders up and out to the people give it a look and maybe some support.

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