Saturday, 28 November 2015

Across The Dead Earth battle 1

The battlefield is set. The two gangs the Fighting Spanners Enginners from the Rag Market (ruins of Birmingham) and the Coggers (post apocolyptic Smethwick residents) have both heard rumours of an abandoned bunker full of loot and want it for themselves!

Jade the Fighting Spanners heavy climbs to a vantage point to scope out the enemy

Zero the Fighting Spanners sniper takes pot shots at the incoming Coggers

The Coggers advance on the bunker!

The opposing leaders battle it out in an old fuel dump

The Coggers scout wades in with his Uzi

The scout takes out zero but doesn't see the medic with a shotgun!

The Coggers gain access to the bunker

Both gangs heavies get stuck into some good ole fashioned fisticuffs.

Rufus the Fighting Spanners leader tried to get past the Coggers into the bunker but fails giving the bunker to the Coggers!