Sunday, 29 November 2015

New kickstarter

Just backed this kickstarter for molds to make the model bases a bit more interesting. The first pledge it's cheap enough that I thought id give it a go and see what the results are! 

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Across the Dead Earth Battle 2

While scavenging the ruins of the old world the Concrete Jungle Savages come across Section 14 operatives of the State needless to say they don't play nice

Both sides advance down the abandoned High street

Try Again Bragg from the Savages sneaks into the back of an abandoned store to look for loot

River the Savages little psycho takes out Section 14's leader with her 2 handed axe!

Pryo steps up and flames Section 14 but oh no his tank blows up!!!

Another victim falls to Rivers axe!

Clay of the Savages takes out the sniper that has been causing havoc for the Savages

Injured strewn everywhere the gangs pull back to lick their wounds and count their loot.

Across The Dead Earth battle 1

The battlefield is set. The two gangs the Fighting Spanners Enginners from the Rag Market (ruins of Birmingham) and the Coggers (post apocolyptic Smethwick residents) have both heard rumours of an abandoned bunker full of loot and want it for themselves!

Jade the Fighting Spanners heavy climbs to a vantage point to scope out the enemy

Zero the Fighting Spanners sniper takes pot shots at the incoming Coggers

The Coggers advance on the bunker!

The opposing leaders battle it out in an old fuel dump

The Coggers scout wades in with his Uzi

The scout takes out zero but doesn't see the medic with a shotgun!

The Coggers gain access to the bunker

Both gangs heavies get stuck into some good ole fashioned fisticuffs.

Rufus the Fighting Spanners leader tried to get past the Coggers into the bunker but fails giving the bunker to the Coggers!

Monday, 23 November 2015

Zombicide Short Story Part 2

“Louise get on! I got zombies to kill” Oksana shouted pushing a woman into the helicopter. 2 more people from the other survivors jumped in the helicopter.  The pilot grabbed Dan “look I'm sorry but the military are beings asses they wanted no one pulled out but we're doing our best.  I'll try and come back ok.  I'll try. .” with that he jumped on helicopter and took off. Travis walked up to Dan and handed him another Mac-10 “present for ya man. All I need's my shotgun. Woo this is a good day” Dan smiled trust the redneck to enjoy this! All the survivors spread out around the helipad as moans, barks and screeching could be heard.  Then from some wasteland the yapping of dogs could be heard.

“zombie dogs! “ the cry came.  “Zombies in the building over there” from another direction, “zombies on this corner!” Seems we're surrounded Dan thought.  

“Yeah baby!!” Travis yelled shooting zombies down. “the crows are attacking! Zombie crows give me a break! “ Elsa yelled.

Dan turned and opened fire with his double Mac-10s he couldn't help but smile as he unloaded into the crowd of zombies.

He looked over and saw one of the other survivors staring into a window with zombies staring back.

“Bear what are you doing man? “ a blonde lady yelled.

“it's my ma  Miss Trish she's in there with those things,I gotta get her!” Bear yelled back. He smashed the door and zombies poured out.

“you guys don't think we have enough zombies? Travis yelled from across the street.  Stepping over zombie corpses.  Dan spotted movement behind Travis,


It was too late 6 zombies feel upon Travis,he went down  kicking and hurling insults before the zombies ripped him apart.  “Nooo!” Dan yelled, Oksana finally free of the zombies she was battling levelled her twin sawn off shotguns at the crowd of zombies

“Hey, boys. Bad idea” the guns fired, a hail of bullets and quarters shredded the zombies.

A thumping sound could be heard over the gunshots and zombie moans.  Dan turned and saw the helicopter swooping in between the buildings. “yes!” Happiness turned to shock as Dan spotted Elsa turn to see the helicopter a zombie grabbed her and bit into her back she screamed and ripped the zombies head off but four more zombies pounced on her.  Dan yelled in rage not noticing as he unloaded his Mac-10s into a crowd of zombies.  The last few survivors climbed on the helicopter. The pilot gestured at Dan but He turned and gunned down more zombies, crowd or dogs he didn't care only that these things had took the last few friends he had.  “you're not going either?“ Dan turned and Oksana was loading her shotguns.

“these scum killed my friends. I'm not done killing them “ Dan said. What the hell has come over me Dan thought I've never been so angry.  The bite wound on his arm throbbed. The helicopter took off again the down blast scattering zombie crows giving a brief respite.  Dan saw Miss Trish take position on the helipad.  Oksana shouted “you think they're coming back? Ha ha ha”

“ you gotta have hope” came the reply.

“I don't need hope….. I got my sawn offs… they come! “ Oksana yelled. pointing at a crowd of zombies and zombie crows.  Dan moved onto the helipad back to back with miss Trish and another survivor.  “hey I'm Parker might as well be on first name terms of its gonna end like this” the survivor did.  “Dan … good to meet you shame about the circumstances” Dan replied.  Parker grunted and started shooting. Wave after wave of the undead fell upon the survivors . Dan arms  felt like lead weights from the fighting suddenly a surge of zombies smashed into them. Dan felt teeth rip into his leg.  He screamed and lashed out.  He felt something course through his veins, guess I'm becoming a zombie Dan thought, should I be able to think?  A zombie grabbed  at Dan and a red veil descended over his eyes and he struck out.  He saw the others all with bites and fighting hard.  They all looked like they were turning into zombies but not all the way yet. A Zombivor if you will Dan thought.  He laughed out loud at that and levelled his Mac-10s clearing a space. “what's that? “ Parker yelled, Dan looked around and saw the helicopter flying in low.  More undead appeared, “this is gonna be close! “ Dan yelled.

“Told you a little bit of hope would work! “ miss Trish yelled to Oksana. The helicopter hovered inches off the helipad  as the last four survivors piled into the helicopter.

“Told you I'd be back.  Damn the military is gonna be pissed at me…. What the hell happened to you? “ the pilot said as he saw the state of the survivors.  “don't know but probably not gonna help your case with the military” Dan said leaning back into his seat.  

the radio crackled into life “evac chopper 1 you will follow us immediately”  Dan looked out the window and saw 2 attack helicopters flanking them

“This is gonna take some explaining “.......

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Zombiecide Short Story

Recently my wife, me and our friends played a game of zombiecide using all the sets. Which means a lot of zombies! ! My friend devised a game set up.  Two boards one a mall the other prison two players on each with a team of four survivors each trying too escape that board to get on the bigger board. On the bigger board there was a helicopter waiting with four spaces.  After that it may come back of we rolled a 6 at the end of a turn. If it did not arrive well you just fight to the last. I decided to try and be different by usibg what happened on the game to devise a short story.  Apologies of its not great but I thought id give it a shot.

a distant thump thump thump could be heard it got louder as the helicopter flew into the city hundreds of dead eyes watched as the helicopter flew overhead. A throng of shuffling corpses moved in the direction the helicopter went. A smaller number of scared tired and alive eyes peeked out of windows and Barricades blinking at the sun as the helicopter flew by a slim Glimmer of Hope kindled as the helicopter flew overhead which was crushed when they heard the message from the helicopters PA system “any survivors out there this city is to be targeted with a low yield nuclear weapon to eradicate the biohazards the last helicopter will be at the helipad to pick up any survivors that make it there buy 1600 hours tomorrow if you can't don't make it get deep and God save you” the helicopter repeated this a few times as it circled before It flew out of the city. In barricaded apartments office buildings warehouses and basements groups of survivors gathered their packs,weapons and with grim determination headed out….
Dan turned to the others in the room,

“you heard the helicopter.  We need to leave now”

“let's go then” Elsa said cocking her pistol.  They could hear movement from the room next door.

Other survivors Dan the firefighter thought, he gripped his fire axe and opened the door.  Travis piled past into the corridor crow bar  at the ready. Shannon and Elsa went through nervously checking the shadows.  As they came out 4 more survivors appeared.

“hey,you hear the helicopter? “ Dan asked,

“Yeah that's where we're heading don't wanna get nuked, let's stick together for a better chance that way. I'm Oksana”  replied a woman that looked like Alice from the Resident evil films.

“Sounds good let's get the hell out of here” Dan said.  He smashed through a door into another shop, as he looked around a zombie grabbed him, he missed with his axe and the zombie bit him

“Ahhh “ he yelled the pain sprang through his arm.  An axe  suddenly appeared swinging into the zombies face.  The foul creature collapsed and Dan turned to see a girl pull the axe out of the zombies head.  She looked exactly like Amy from Big Bang Theory,

“ hey I'm Audrey”

“Thank you Am...Audrey I mean you saved my life then” Dan said, Travis walked past into the room and started rummaging.  

“God damn!” He yelled holding an automatic shotgun in the air. Dan searched round the room and found under the body of a security guard a Mac -10 SMG.

“Sweet!”Dan smiled.

A low moan could be heard from outside.  Shannon went and looked outside of the mall “what the fu…..” She turned to Dan face drained of colour.

“There's an abomination out there! !!!”

Dan punched the wall they all wouldn't  make it before the abomination gets them.

“zombies! Down the hall. Damn ha ha ha this one's Santa Claus! ! he's mine “ Travis yelled,his shotgun boomed and the zombie exploded on a hail of shotgun shells.

“we need to go now! “ Shannon yelled. She ran out into the street and off down the road with another survivor Dan didn't recognise and disappeared round the corner.  Dan stepped outside and saw the face of hell bearing down towards him.  Travis looked outside “well we ain't going that way! Everyone back inside! “ the group headed back inside the mall.  Dan checked the mall map “right round there, we can head  to the other exit. Hopefully that thing will follow us through and not cut us off.”

“They are big and scary but they sure are dumb” Travis laughed.

The group headed off through the mall only encountering a few zombies.  They got to the next exit and peeked out.  Elsa giggled I swear there is Elvis and princess Leia out there? “ everyone crowded to look.  Outside in the road was indeed an Elvis shuffling along next to a princess Leia who looked the spitting image of the star wars character except for bite marks over her arm. “let's say hello! “ Oksana said. She threw the doors open and along with Travis opened fire with their shotguns reducing the zombies to chunks.  Elsa ran forward and shouted back

“got a car! ! And this! !” she waved a golden AK 47. What the hell kind of car had she found?  Dan thought. As the group  left Oksana smashed a parking machine, she grinned evil as she poured the spare change into the shotgun barrel “little trick I learnt”.

The group went over Elsa  who was sat in a Cadillac convertible, Leopard print interior and bull horns on the front. “That's a pimp wagon!” Audrey  said shocked.

“stop complaining and get in” Elsa shouted. The group all jumped on the car all except Travis. “I ain't crowding in there I'll walk. Travis strode off followed by the car, in the distance they heard the abomination smashing its way through the mall.

The band of survivors arrived in the city centre where a helicopter was waiting at the helipad. Hope spares!! The group headed towards the helicopter.  Dan spotted Shannon climbing into the helicopter “nice of her to wait!” another group of survivors could be seen heading from the prison.  The pilot was waiting.  “I got room for 4! With the lady here that's 3. “

Dan grimaced the helicopter forgot to mention a numbers limit!!.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Blasted Power Station

Just finished up the blasted power station!  This was easier to build whether because it was bigger or I've had practice I'm not sure.  I love all the little details on this and they all came with the kickstarter  the only tricky parts were the tower and lights.  Now to paint it and make look post apocalyptic!

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Thursday, 19 November 2015

Kingdom of Britannia Dystopian Force!

Here's a quick pic of my kingdom of Britannica force.  Ready to serve the queen at a moment's notice.  There is:
Colonel Gilbert 'Bertie ' Smithington
A Lieutenant
A section of line infantry
A section of Black Watch
A section of the dashing sky Husssars
And lastly some Light Dragoons

Also this week I've started my kick starter terrain.  I've done the 2 smaller buildings.  They are a little fiddly but mainly that's down to my skill and patience levels.  As an added bonus they go together quite well to make a little out post. Onto the power station now!

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Wednesday, 11 November 2015


The kickstarter i backed in August had arrived! A blasted power station,  hab unit,  a node and a sprue of ladders and hatches. Now to undercoat them and then build them.

Monday, 9 November 2015

Not much happening

Been a slow week.  Finished all my dystopian legions stuff ship I'll get a photo of the army up soon.  Just a space marine land speeder and razorback to build up now.  This week is mostly waiting for fallout 4 to come out on the 10th. So I'll be playing that lots

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Last bits of Dystopian Legions and a kickstarter!

Finally finished up my dystopian legions force! The sky hussars,  knightly order light dragoons and Colonel Gilbert 'Bertie ' Smithington were all finished up last night.
The light dragoons were as mentioned fiddly to put together but decent enough to paint. Only used a 'gun metal' type paint on the exo skeleton as I liked the effect when it dried. It's basic but I feel it does the job and at my current skill level I'd only ruin it if I tried anything else. The Sky Hussars' only hurdle was getting a smoke effect for the jet pack. I painted the smoke cloud black then grey then dry brush a bit of white on the billows. The colonel I'm really happy with, the uniform colouring came about by sheer fluke. I had painted it dark blue but didn't like that so made a lighter blue and put it on top. It's come out quite nice.
This week I've also backed the new improved Shattered Crown kickstarter. This is mainly to get the awesome bear riders and stag riders up and out to the people give it a look and maybe some support.