Sunday, 11 October 2015

Good 'ole days!

Just received a ps4 copy of blood bowl 2! Not strictly a table top game but it used to be!  I remember playing it when it came out. Though it was terrible at it!  loved the character of the game and the star players were hilarious,  chainsaw wielding goblin, a goblin on a pogo stick!  And the dwarf death roller! The board looked great and you even got a board for you subs injuries and deaths.
Well the game it self looks good gone as far as I can tell is the blitz mode strictly turn based which is not a problem for me. The computer dice rolls which in the first games always felt weighed against you seem to have been solved. Only gripe so far is the campaign only let's you start with a human team.
You play the Riekland reavers who are at their lowest and you seem to have to bring them back to the top.
Jim and Bob the commentators are back too! There are the standard teams,  humans, dwarfs, orcs, chaos, skagen and newest the Bretonian. Other teams will be available as DLC (downloadable content)  for a small fee as is the way of the world I guess. Only two games into to campaign so not seem all the features yet as it seems to start you off slowly to get used to playing it.
So far it's quite good for fans of blood bowl I'm not sure how new players will take to ít though.
Have a great day folks

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